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Business Intelligence Training

Level Up Your Analyst Team and Have Them Add Immediate Value

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Business Intelligence Analyst Training Services

When you onboard new analysts, how long does it take for them to start adding value?

We've worked in and with companies where it takes 3-6 months for an analyst to truly get up to speed and develop the technical skills needed to significantly contribute to the company.

Our goal is to get your analysts technically savvy enough to add value in just 1 month.

BI Analyst Training

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We work with our clients to offer custom training sessions so your team can use your specific data, your specific software, and get hands on experience on exactly what they need today, and prepare for tomorrow.

We're expert analysts and our trainer is our founder, Jack Tompkins, who has taught our internal company analysts, teammates in his corporate days, and clients of Pineapple's.

If you want your team of new or developing analysts to have the capabilities of a $200k+ analyst, then have Jack sit down with them for a few sessions and watch your ROI skyrocket.

Google Looker Studio Training

We've been creating Looker Studio dashboards since it was called "Data Studio"!

Google Looker Studio is a fantastic tool for all sorts of business intelligence (BI) developers and a great one to start off with.

We have a standard training course that covers a basic Looker Studio dashboard, but we also offer custom training in sessions with clients.

In these analyst training sessions, we'll answer one off questions, allow the client to guide the sessions, and cover things such as:

  • Integrations with common and custom data sources

  • Combining data sources

  • Building visuals

  • Creating effective dashboards

  • and much more!

Quickbooks Dashboard

Tableau Training

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Tableau was our home base for a long time and it's still one of the best (if not the best) data visualization / business intelligence software out there.

Because of how many features Tableau has, there can be a whole lot to learn in a short amount of time if you're relying on your team to produce dashboards that the organization can use!

In our custom training sessions, we allow you to guide the sessions if needed, go through some staples of dashboard building and date functionality, along with the following:

  • Data sources and authentications

  • Data blending vs joining

  • Centralized date capabilities

  • Building sheets / visuals

  • Building decision-driving dashboards

  • and much more!

Training Plans

We're here to help! Let us know what works best for you, and we'll help you get there.

Intro dashboard building course (excel and gls)

Great, low-cost option to get the basics in creating a dashboard and some standard, translatable skills to make your own dashboards.

Individual Training

One on one training for the data analyst on your team or for the analyst looking to level up their skills with some expert guidance.

Team Training

We'll create a custom curriculum for live sessions that fit your team's needs, applies to your team's data, and the business goals you're looking to achieve. 

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