What is Business Intelligence & Analytics?

Visualizing and reporting on data to provide actionable insights.  The goal is to increase efficiencies, drive revenue growth, and improve the company's decision-making capabilities.

Why do businesses need it?

Data is a business asset that when used correctly can create a significant competitive advantage.


By harnessing the power of data, small and medium sized businesses can gain the ability to compete like a big business, but maintain the speed they are accustomed to.

BI&A can provide an affordable way to unlock key insights for decision making so it feels like you have an analyst at your disposal for a fraction of the cost.

Your business can also save hundreds of hours by moving from manual data entry and manipulation to automated custom reporting and dashboards that get you right to the results for decision making.


"…every successful business today harnesses the power of data." - PWC

"Many of the successful new ‘disruptive’ businesses –including Uber and Airbnb – are using data and its analysis as the cornerstone of their entire business model."              -

What can we do for your business?

Creating an analytical dashboard in Excel or Tableau for your business puts all of your data together in a visually appealing presentation that can make trends jump out, identify weak areas, and help easily create data-driven decisions.


We'll present your data from QuickBooks, Google Analytics, or wherever your data comes from in an interactive and customized format so you can examine any angle you want, in addition to our recommendation.  We aim for complete, not complicated, analysis.  These dashboards (and the data flow into them) end up saving teams dozens of hours a week by getting away from manual entry and manipulation.


Analytical Dashboards

Having a data strategy is incredibly important for your long term success.  The better your data strategy, the easier analysis and decision making will be.

We can help establish a data strategy from data gathering, cleaning and organizing, to real-time analysis in a Tableau dashboard.  This makes reporting capabilities, data availability, and most importantly, the analytics, feel like second nature.  You won't be waiting for the monthly report out anymore.

Data Strategy

Data science & analytics gets deep into the data while examining and manipulating it to find standout trends and actionable insights. 


This is where complex behind the scenes analysis, coding, and testing takes place.  We identify patterns and trends that help drive your decisions in ways that can't be seen by the naked eye. 


Data Science & Analytics
Like hiring an expert data analyst at a fraction of the cost.
Save your team dozens of hours a week with our Data Reporting & Dashboards offering! 
Check out some Success Stories we share about previous ways we have helped others in this area.

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