What is Excel Expertise?

Just as it sounds - for anything you need in Excel, we will happily do it for you or teach you how to do it yourself.  We enjoy the "annoying" Excel projects and love finding better solutions for others.

Why do businesses need it?

Most SMBs that work in Excel have "more important" or more preferred tasks they would rather spend time on.


Without having an expertise in Excel, folks generally spend far too much time dealing with issues in Excel or manually completing tasks when there are quicker, easier, and often automated solutions that could save them a significant amount of hours per week.



Avoid feeling like this (^) because of an Excel issue that you know could be easily solved with the right tools.

It's difficult to devote time to learning how to excel at Excel, but very easy to hire an expert to get a project done quickly and affordably.

Stressed Man

What can we do for your business?

Stop spending hours copying and pasting and doing unnecessary manual work.  We can automate tasks, build custom tools, and help you avoid manual data entry and manipulation.

SMBs run into Excel issues with data, formulas, presentations, etc. all the time.  Don't waste time trying to teach yourself to become an expert.  Stick to what you do best and bring us in for the rest.  

Automate Manual Tasks
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We help make things simple.  From gathering and organizing data to creating a customizable dashboard from the data, we can provide the end to end solution for you and your team.

The resulting dashboard could simply be a client-facing summary or a deep dive analytical tool that links together multiple data sets (or both!).


Data and Dashboard Building
Excel financial dashboard example

We'll help your team excel in Excel and get to the next skill level which could really help your team improve their day to day efficiency and analytical capabilities.


Think if you could open any data, develop a dashboard,  be analyzing the numbers, and ready to share progress on a decision in an hour... we can help you get to that level.

Teaching Your Team
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Check out some Success Stories we share about previous ways we have helped others in this area.

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