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What are Excel Tools?

Excel Tools make your everyday work in Excel a whole lot easier


Whether it's copying and pasting info, monthly reports, or job estimation processes, Excel tools make life easier and repetitive work go by significantly faster.

Producer compensation tool screenshot

Why are Excel Tools beneficial?

Regardless of your industry or type of work, if you are in Excel frequently and think "there must be a better way to do this", there almost guaranteed is one!  A custom tool can unlock that "better way".


For the blue collar business owner, Excel Tools can take the form of an estimation tool that creates a summary proposal. 


Avoid having to keep everything in your head (ex. trying to remember the measurements of a room, estimating a rough price per square foot, and combining the three services you're performing) and let a custom Estimation Tool do the hard work. 


Just type a few key pieces of info into your Estimation Tool in Excel, and have it calculate the exact price (plus markup and taxes) while summarizing all the work and line items to present to the potential client.









For the small business owner that hates Excel, but knows it's a necessary evil, leverage an Excel Tool to save you from all the hassle you hate while in Excel!


Get rid of the mindless and low value work like copying and pasting or comparing sheets.  With one Excel Tool, you could simply press a button, get the same result in 5% of the time.  Imagine getting several hours a week back to spend on high value work…


Excel Tools can turn that "necessary evil" of working in Excel into a short and sweet task that minimizes your time in Excel and maximizes your time doing work you like to do.



Common features of Excel Tools

  • Automate processes that were previously entirely manual

  • Incredibly user friendly - you might even forget you're in Excel!

  • Clear summaries of the result you're looking for

  • Press a button… and your work is complete!

Contractor estimator tool screenshot

Want to talk about Excel Tools for your business?

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