Q: Does Pineapple "Consulting Firm" mean that you only work with corporations?

A: No!  We actually specialize in small and medium sized businesses.  Our goal is to help.  It's what we love to do, why our firm was started, and why we work here.  We realize that it's difficult (and expensive) to hire someone to work full time so we want to be the easy "go to" for helping businesses succeed, make data driven decisions, and make the employees' and owners' lives easier.


Q: Do you only work with Charlotte based companies?

A: We can work all over the world!  We are based in Charlotte, NC, yes, but that doesn't limit us to just Charlotte companies.  A lot of the work that we do can be done fully remote, with the help of screen sharing, phone and video calls, and shared documents.  Of course if you require a face to face meeting, we always enjoy traveling!


Q: What types of services do you specialize in?

A: Check out our Services page for details on our offerings and our linked Success Stories for examples of how we have helped others in the past!


Q: How do I schedule a meeting?

A: Contact us for a free introductory meeting!  Typically in the first meeting, we'll learn a bit about your business and the project at hand, and make sure that we are the best option to help your business, while you confirm that we are the right partner to move forward with.  Either way, we always like meeting new people and businesses, even if it ends up just being talking shop.


Q: Can I see examples of past work you've done?

A: We post some Success Stories (linked to from our Services page) that are open for viewing by anyone!  These are short summaries of past projects we have completed for various companies and are posted to be good samples for new potential clients.

Have a different question?  Contact us and we'll get back to you asap.

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