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Success Stories


Cost Benefit Analysis tool 

Insurance Agency 


The local insurance agency was considering a new complex marketing initiative and needed leadership buy-in to the project.  A customizable Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) tool was created with built-in scenario testing for flexibility and a definitive answer.


Work Highlights

  • The Excel-based CBA created was made so that all steps along the way were included, had logical assumptions, and transparency

  • Scenarios were made to assess the range of possible outcomes

  • Each scenario could be adjusted to test "what if" situations that leadership wanted to see

  • Created a basic, easy to grasp metric of expense vs benefit at the item level to understand the profitability at the most granular level needed

  • The expected outcome was highlighted and transparently calculated


Revenue Forecasting 

Financial Services Company  


The company was developing its financial outlook that required input from multiple teams and dozens of people.  By following a logical, event based process with easy tools, the teams were able to agree upon a good forecast for the following years.


Work Highlights

  • Projections made with logical, incremental style additions to the existing baseline

  • Tools created for "what if" scenarios based off of prior year results and new initiatives being implemented

  • Forecasts were made where individuals could input their estimates and have it automatically roll up to a total amount

  • Individual and total projections were automatically pulled and updated in a report for leadership


Decision Tool 

Insurance Agency 


Given a desire to expand, the insurance agency was considering hiring a new employee to help grow the business.  A customizable, automatically updating tool was created to help determine how beneficial hiring a new employee would be to the company based on scenarios of the potential employee's performance.


Work Highlights

  • Significantly improved the online template that was found by the agency from Facebook

  • Created an Excel-based grid-style scenario tool that gave outcomes based on the potential employee's performance

  • All inputs and display metrics were adjustable and changes automatically updated the scenario grid

  • No coding or Excel knowledge was needed for the end user


Client facing investment summary 

Financial Advisor 


Wanting to broaden out from standard investment projection tools, we were able to help the financial advisor by creating a tool that had customizability in all key metrics and inputs while adding a clear, easy to understand summary that was presented to their clients.


Work Highlights

  • Offered a unique and customizable Excel-based solution to present a new investment strategy to their clients with a simple summary

  • Built a tool that was in the advisor's mind, but didn't have the time to functionally piece together in Excel

  • Fully changeable set of inputs adjustable for each individual client

  • Transparently displayed the "behind the scenes" work in case they wanted to dive deeper into the math

Every big decision could use a Cost Benefit Analysis to make sure it's the right move.

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