What is a Performance Dashboard?

It shows your business' prior performance into charts, graphs, indicators, and other visuals to help make it very easy and quick to understand how you're doing.

Why do businesses need it?

Understanding your business performance and knowing your numbers are things that every business owner knows they need to do.

Unfortunately, it's often very difficult and time-consuming to compile all of the data needed, and then even more difficult to get that data into an easy-to-understand and useable format.

A custom performance dashboard automates the difficult and time-consuming parts and gets right to the high-impact piece of seeing what's working and what's not in your business.


People can process an image in as little as 13 milliseconds.  Processing text takes significantly longer - depending research sources, it can take up to 60,000x longer.

Having your business performance in images and visuals makes an enormous impact for any business owner.

We aren't creating an income statement.  We're bringing an income statement to life!


Financial Dashboards

Seeing the results of your entire marketing spend ensures that you are investing in all the right avenues.

Marketing Dashboards

Check out plenty more dashboard examples in our other services and the success stories that accompany them!


This is a Tableau dashbord example that links directly to Quickbooks

Performance dashboards show up in all of our service offerings in one way or another.  We think it's vital for business owners to be able to see their performance in easy and digestible visuals that come to them in an automated way.


What can we do for your business?

We can connect right to sources like Google Analytics and get the info into your dashboard with your brand colors.

We link into accounting softwares like QuickBooks and put the info into simple visuals for you.

Track your operations and make sure your business is running as efficient as possible at one quick glance.

Operational Dashboards

Connect to the various sources of your data and combine them into one place.


Looking for a custom Performance Dashboard?

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