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Quickbooks Online Dashboard

The dashboard is a visual representation of your client's financial performance and trends overtime. By tracking Profit and Loss-based KPIs, you can help clients immediately understand where they are and foster more strategic and data-driven discussions.

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Online Dashboard Course

We know we're data nerds, but it truly is an (Excel)lent tool! That is why we not only cover how to make a dashboard in Excel but we also discuss tips and trips to make your everyday Excel life easier! A major bonus is that it's essentially free, and it's also easy to translate to Google Sheets!

We go over more details in our "How To Create a Dashboard" online course, but here's a quick summary of why we like it for data analysis and dashboards.

Architects Dashboard

The dashboard is a visual representation of each project's progress. It helps track individual projects and shows trends over time. The dashboard gives peace of mind when managing multiple complex projects at once and it also improves client relationships by instilling confidence that each project will be completed on time and on budget!

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