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5 Key Elements of Pineapple Consulting's Data Strategy Audit That Will Transform Your Business

There are two types of people in this world: The ones who got excited when their teacher announced a group project... and those who were less enthusiastic. If you were a part of the first group, then odds are you are going to really like our new service. With our new Data Strategy Audit, we just became the kid in the group project that everyone else can coast off of to an easy A+.

Although the word "audit" sounds scary and may trigger some PTSD for those unfortunate enough to associate it with the IRS...we promise ours is the good kind! In our audit, we are looking for all of the ways that we can make your life with data better. We even provide the roadmap to make it happen. Think of it as having 9 out of a 10 slide group project completed and ready to go! And if you are thinking to yourself, "That still sounds like more work than I want to do", we can also take it all the way to completion!

Alright, enough metaphors, let's get into what our Data Strategy Audit really is!

What is a Data Strategy Audit?

Pineapple Consulting's Data Strategy Audit is a thorough examination of your company's data structure, processes, and dashboards. The aim is to provide a clear, actionable roadmap that takes into account your business goals and streamlines your data processes, to help you become truly data-driven.

5 Key Elements of the Audit:

  1. Software and Tools Analysis: The audit includes an evaluation of the software and tools used for data collection and analysis, ensuring they serve the business goals effectively.

  2. Dashboard Review: A crucial part of the audit is examining existing dashboards (if you have any) to see if they provide the necessary insights. We will then suggest improvements or recommend new solutions.

  3. KPI Alignment: The audit ensures that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) accurately measure what's crucial for your business.

  4. Data Collection and Integration: We look at how data is collected and integrated across all of your platforms to ensure seamless flow and utilization.

  5. Actionable Roadmap: The most valuable part of our audit is a detailed roadmap with specific steps to enhance data processes. (But, if you decide that you don't want to do the work, we can also carry out all of our suggestions for you!)

Why Pineapple's Audit Stands Out

A Friendly Approach

Forget the scary, intimidating connotations of "audit." Our approach is collaborative, tailored, and as far from the IRS as you can get.

Aligning Business Goals and Data

Our audit makes sure that all data-related elements align and work with your business goals, bridging any existing gaps.

Expert Recommendations

We aren't just identifying issues, we take it one step further by providing specific, actionable recommendations on software, data integration, and KPIs.

Roadmap to Data-Driven Success

It's not just about identifying what to do; it's about how to do it. We provide a roadmap for implementing changes effectively.

The Urgency of Being Data-Driven

In a business landscape where data is literally a part of every aspect, understanding and leveraging it is key. Pineapple's audit illuminates your business operations, ensuring your tech stack is working in your favor.


Our Data Strategy Audit isn't scary, just thoroughly helpful. We aim to bring clarity, direction, and actionable plans to turn your data into your business ally. If you're ready for your data to help you make informed decisions that propel your business forward, contact us! Become data-driven with experts who make it simpler and more effective.

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About Pineapple

Pineapple is a data analytics company ready to help you become data-driven! We help analyze and visualize your data in custom dashboards so you can see your full business performance at a glance, and provide analysis to drive your strategy. Our interactive dashboards will save you time, provide deeper insights & analysis, and help you make better business decisions.

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