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Reach out to us and mention the code "QBC2023" for a Free Trial of our QBO Performance Dashboard!

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Mention "QBC2023" and get an exclusive discount! 


Jeneva L, Owner

Jack is incredibly knowledgeable about all things Data! If you are running a small business, get in touch with him to see how he might be able to help you better utilize the data you are already collecting to make better strategic business discussions. Highly recommend work with Jack for all data analysis needs!

Brian W, Advisor

I wanted to give an endorsement for Jack Tompkins for his expertise and professionalism in helping my team design a client onboarding and service dashboard. He has helped us customize the right tools for our use and I would recommend anyone needing help to get organized and efficient to seek his services.

Kristi K, Owner

I have found your dashboard to be invaluable to me in even more ways that I could have imagined! I have never gone over budget in my projects since we started working together!

Businessman Using Laptop

Thomas P, Owner

As a small business coach myself, I know the value of making data based decisions for the success of small businesses. Pineapple provides an incredible resource that enables small business owners to visualize and make use of all the data already in their business. I highly recommend!

Small Business Owner

Megan S, Owner

I am so grateful to Jack and the Pineapple Consulting Firm for developing their dashboard course. As a Founder/CEO, I know a holistic perspective of my business is critical - especially during times of growth. Their course helped me better understand how to create that holistic perspective for myself in a way that fit my visual learning style. I feel equipped to explore, share, and keep learning about data for my business, and I have their course to thank for that. 

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2U Laundry

Working with Pineapple was great! Our entire team enjoyed the seamless collaboration, and we were very aligned in our goals. They did a great job executing on the work and keeping everything organized with a project management tracker - it was a big win-win for both sides! Happy to refer them in the future.

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