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CPA and Bookkeeper Dashboards

Turn P&L Statements Into Visual Dashboards for You and Your Clients

CPAs and bookkeepers are essential in the data world. You all make sure the numbers are accurate so that your clients can focus on their favorite part...running their business! 


Dashboards can play a huge role in simplifying financial conversations, increasing efficiency, and improving client relationships. 


Dashboards provide visual representations of financial data, making it easier for your clients to understand their situation at a glance. By displaying all of your clients' data in the same format, your job becomes easier as well. The best part is that data updates are automated, removing the need for manual data gathering, and saving time for both the financial expert and the client.

CPA and Bookkeeper Analytics Dashboard

KPI dashboards are a game-changer for CPA firms. By visually displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) in an easily digestible format, they provide real-time insights into business health and areas for improvement. With automated data updates and a consistent format across all clients, CPA firms can make informed decisions quickly, while saving time and resources.


Customizable dashboards enhance client service by tracking client-specific KPIs and offering tailored solutions. This not only improves your client's experience and your ability to communicate with them, but it also creates a competitive advantage for your firm and the potential for increased revenue. Dashboards bring added value to your services which can lead to higher rates. Regularly monitoring KPIs ensures that CPA firms meet goals and deliver exceptional service to clients.

See more examples of our CPA Financial Dashboard on our product page. Or check out our Financial Dashboards page. 

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CPA KPI Dashboard - Step Ahead of your Competition

Improved Decision Making and Efficiency

A KPI dashboard eliminates the need for manual pulling of Profit & Loss reports or downloading CSV files. It's fully automated, providing CPA firms with instant access to the necessary information. This automation ensures that data is always up to date and presented in a consistent format, making it easier to consume for you and your client. By saving time, resources, and offering real-time data, a KPI dashboard empowers CPA firms and their clients to swiftly make tailored and informed decisions.

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Better Client Service

KPI dashboards enhance capacity planning by tracking client-related metrics such as new client acquisition, revenue per client, and client retention rate. Additionally, they can be customized to monitor client-specific KPIs, enabling firms to offer tailored solutions that meet individual client needs. This personalized approach elevates the client experience, fosters effective communication, and builds trust, resulting in more successful outcomes for both parties.

Competitive Advantage and Added Value

By utilizing a KPI dashboard, CPA firms gain a competitive advantage in swiftly identifying areas for improvement and making strategic decisions. This advantage translates into increased revenue and profitability. Additionally, offering value-added services through a dashboard, which visually presents clients' performance, allows firms to potentially raise their fees. By combining their expertise with the powerful data insights from the dashboard, firms deliver substantial extra value at little to no extra cost. This not only saves time but also improves communication, making the overall experience more efficient and effective.

Upward Curve

Financial Dashboards for CPAs and Bookkeepers: Why Work with Pineapple

Not only will we help you take a step ahead of your competition with custom financial dashboards, or QuickBooks Online financial dashboards and ongoing analytics, we also have a strong financial background so we’ll be talking the same language.


Our history is in financial services and some say we are relationship people first, finance people second, and data people third.  The combination of all of that leads us to be great partners to Fractional CFOs, CPAs or anyone who is looking for efficient ways to help their clients in a big way.

CFO Forecast Dashboard example.PNG

We also offer customizable packages that make sense for your business model.

For example, if you are in the financial world (CPAs, bookkeepers, business coaches, etc.) we can build one dashboard that you can use for all of your clients!  That way you have a custom, yet constant, view of all of your clients' performance and they all have specific dashboards with their data! Want to learn more? Check it out here

CPA Dashboard Plans

Choose one of our CPA dashboard plans and grow your firm.

standard Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, custom data input set up, single dashboard view

Premium Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, automated data flow, multiple dashboard views

Analyst Support

Multiple premium dashboards, ongoing analytical support, and reporting on-demand

CFO Dashboards
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