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Unleash Ecommerce Growth with Custom KPI Dashboards

Visualize all of your real-time Ecommerce data in a simple dashboard

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Stop Drowning in Spreadsheets: Simplify Performance Tracking with Visual KPI Dashboards

In the data-driven Ecommerce world, it's just plain wrong to not have easy access to ALL of your data.

You deserve to be fully confident in your strategy, with your data telling you "the answers" quickly and easily.

  • Tell us your goals

  • We'll create dashboards to help you track towards them

  • You'll be building a data-driven strategy the easy way

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Hear from our clients

"Pineapple created a dashboard to measure our free trial retention so we could easily understand our performance by cohort and product. We've used it to help set targets for the team and stay on top of the free trial program!"

- Caroline @ Compana

What are Small Business Ecommerce KPI Dashboards? 

Ecommerce businesses have an enormous amount of data. It's important to be able to view it with an adaptable and scalable ecommerce tool. Hence the KPI Dashboard!

From inventory to sales, shipping to customer reviews, it's a lot to handle! And it's even harder to see and use for decision-making when all of the data exists in separate locations.

Having a custom Ecommerce dashboard that combines data points, and make everything visual and useable can make or break your performance. We build custom ecommerce dashboards to display all the important KPIs you need to see in a beautiful and easy to understand layout.

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Types of Ecommerce KPI Dashboards

1. Ecommerce Performance KPI Dashboards (Cohort Analysis)

There's a lot going on in your Ecommerce business! Getting a pulse check on the overall business can be a tough thing to do when there are a dozen different reports flying around for you!

That is... unless you have a strategic dashboard tied to your business goals with everything you need in a few visuals!

An overall performance dashboard should show you the main KPIs your business needs to track in simple visuals that allow you to quickly get a pulse check on the health of your business. These main KPIs may fall into a few categories, but the purpose of this is to be able to see the highlights and red flags quickly, and then dig in further (data-wise or people-wise) from there!

2. Ecommerce Effectiveness KPI Dashboards

How good is your sales performance? How are your marketing campaigns doing? Are you able to see all the data you want to see for inventory management? Can these be better?

These kinds of questions are crucial for an ecommerce business to not only be able to answer, but also to track, improve, and build a strategy!


If folks are getting to your site from an ad, fantastic! Are they converting once they get to your site though? Do the discounts you're applying really drive more business and lifetime value?

Getting into the effectiveness of your ecommerce business is something that can really add a lot of value and craft your entire business strategy. Measuring ROAS, Conversion Rates, Lifetime Value, etc. are important to know, important to track, and important for the overall health of your business! Putting them into a dashboard makes all of that much easier.

ECommerce effectiveness dashboard.PNG

3. Financial Dashboards for Ecommerce

We're selling products to make money, right? So let's see how we're doing!

This doesn't need to be anything too crazy. Start with revenue and go from there. Visualizing that with some helpful breakdowns (paid vs organic, by product, over time, etc.) gives really important context and really impactful information for building a strategy for your Ecommerce business!

Your financials are the end result of all of your efforts, so it's crucial to see how you did, what worked well, and what didn't. A financially focused dashboard can easily be the start of any conversation with your managers, your sales team, your board, or however has a vested interest in seeing your company succeed!

ECommerce KPI Dashboard example.PNG
Cohort Analysis Dashboard example 2.png

Ecommerce Dashboards & Analysis: Why Work With Us?

Custom Dashboards & Solutions

Your business is unique.  We make custom dashboards.

We may work with a few typical Ecommerce platforms, but that doesn't mean that every business wants to look at the same metrics and KPIs in the same format! Selling toys vs selling medical equipment are two very different scenarios and therefore need very different visuals and KPIs.

You tell us what you need from your data, and we'll make it looks good!

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Be Data-Driven the Easy Way

Data can live in a complex database or a simple, visual dashboard. If you agree with us, a visual dashboard is the clear winner between those two.

Being able to SEE your data in a way that makes sense actually allows you to be data-driven in a very easy way. It's a quick process when you're making a decision based off of a dashboard that basically tells you the answer - it's much different when you're trying to dissect infinite columns and rows of SKU-level data.

Ecommerce Dashboard & Analyst Plans

Select one of our Ecommerce dashboard & analyst plans and enhance your data-driven journey.

standard Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, default KPIs and visuals, custom data input, single dashboard view

Premium Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, automated data flow, multiple dashboard views


Multiple custom dashboards, ongoing analytical support, reporting on-demand, regular check in meetings

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