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Transportation and Logistics Dashboard Software

Visualize Every Detail in your Logistics Operation and Become Fully Data-driven

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Being data-driven in logistics is a must.  Important data about operational KPIs is always being collected whether its about drivers, fuel, deliveries, you name it! It’s crucial to be able to pull it all together and analyze it.  At Pineapple Consulting Firm, we help gather all of that data for you, put it into visual dashboards, and analyze the data so you can make data-driven decisions.

Operational KPIs for Logistics

In Logistics and Transportation, financials are important of course, but its actually the logistics Operational KPIs that arguably need  more attention.  That is because strong operations are directly linked to strong financial performance.

Operational KPI Examples for Fleet Management

Operational KPI Examples for the 3PL

Operational KPI Examples for Last Mile Delivery Businesses

Fleet management operational KPIs might focus on indicators of performance to ensure customer satisfaction.  These could include on time %, loss %, and amount of orders. All three can be essential metrics to measure and manage because they give good insight into the service you’re providing your customers. They also show you when to dive deeper into driver-level metrics to get to the root of any issues.

Operational KPIs in the 3PL world could include tracking things like breakeven points, variable expenses and fixed expenses. Some other important KPIs to track that focus on efficiency and management are average MPG, unloaded miles, and rate per mile.

For last mile delivery businesses, operational KPIs will focus on efficiencies and ways to maximize profit.  They may include package counts, time per stop, and stops per mile.  All of these metrics can show you how to maximize each route’s profit by being more efficient. They even help you make decisions based on the trends you see in the data.

Why Work With Us?
We Build Transportation and Logistics Dashboards That Will Move You Forward

We Consolidate All the Data you Work With

Having multiple systems that handle your drivers, deliveries, routes, etc. is often just the name of the game.  Being able to see all of those different pieces together in one place is difficult though.

Building one dashboard (with automated updates) that brings together all of that data and presents it visually is a huge advantage.  Not only will it help you become even more data-driven, but you’ll also spend your time making decisions based off of the data instead of manually trying to collect it.

Image by Lukas Blazek
Data on a Touch Pad_edited.jpg

We Get You to the Next Level of Data-driven

Monitoring standard pieces of your business is really important, but it’s just the start of using data to your advantage.  Getting deeper into the metrics like stops per mile, idle time, individual variable expenses, etc. often requires a lot more work.

Having an analyst dive into that data for you, and present it in dashboards, will allow you to see all the trends and specific KPIs that result in the revenue and profit numbers that you track already.  You can then drive decisions from a deeper level and watch your business grow exponentially.

That next level of being data-driven will allow you to keep up with the competition that has teams of analysts doing this work every day.

We Build Custom Reports that are Significantly Better than Default Summaries

Most likely, in all the different software and programs you use, they provide a simple default summary dashboard for you.  Unfortunately, those dashboards rarely show you what is most important to your business or the metrics that you really need to track.

Extracting the data from those programs and putting it into custom logistics dashboards will allow you to see the exact KPIs you need, see trends over time, and performance indicators compared to previous time periods.

Image by Luke Chesser

Client Success Stories

Empowered for Contract Negotiations

A VA based transportation company and a long time fractional analyst client, runs a ~25 person company delivering packages for a large corporation as a contractor.


Every quarter, the corporation would come in and bully him and other contractors to fit their new rates or new thoughts on how small businesses should be run. Sometimes they were wrong about their ideas and even their own data!


For a while, it was just their data (sometimes flawed) vs his word.

That changed when he decided he wanted some dashboards and brought on Pineapple!

With an in depth financial dashboard and accompanying operations dashboard, he now knew every piece of data imaginable in his business. From then on, when he went to the negotiation table with the large corporation, he was able to fully back up his argument, prove their numbers wrong when he needed to, and show them exactly what's happening.


Who knew data could level the playing field between a family run shop vs an international behemoth!

Package Delivery
Image by Josiah Farrow

Confidence when Bidding on Loads

A local Charlotte client and trucking industry expert came to us with all kinds of amazing data, but no way to visualize their important metrics and projections.


In their business, it is essential for the trucks and teams to understand their financials in a quick and digestible way. This is what allows them to appropriately bid on loads and even see the path to growing their operation.


Previously, they were at a loss on how to do this and had no helpful insights to this data. Now they have multiple transportation and logistics dashboards that display this valuable information right at their fingertips! Seeing everything in one place makes its significantly easier to feel confident making their tough day to day decisions. 

Transportation and Logistics Dashboard Examples

Display Everything your 3PL Clients Need to Know in One Place

Logistics Operational KPI Dashboard example Excel.PNG

Show your carrier clients all of their important metrics in an easy to understand logistics KPI dashboard that’s even easier to update!


Get all the metrics you need by truck, and track them all against budget.  You can also keep everything visual so both you and your clients can spend your time talking about growth instead of gathering data and understanding performance.

See important trends and issues down to the Driver level

Logistics Operational KPI Dashboard example.PNG

Transportation and Logistics Dashboard Plans

Choose one of our transportation and logistics dashboard plans and watch your business boom.

standard Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, custom data input set up, single dashboard view

Premium Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, automated data flow, multiple dashboard views

Analyst Support

Multiple custom dashboards, ongoing analytical support, reporting on-demand

T&L Dashboards

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