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Financial KPI Dashboard in Excel, Power BI, and Google Looker Stuido

Bring Your and Your Clients' Income Statements to Life with a Financial Dashboard

What is a Financial Dashboard?

Financial Dashboards are visual representations of your financial performance.  They help you track your financial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and see trends of things like revenue, profit, etc. Our three most common outputs are Excel financial dashboards, Power BI financial dashboards, and Google Looker Studio financial dashboards. 


Financial dashboards allow you to check the health of your business at a glance in a very visually appealing way.  They also allow you to go deeper into more analysis (still in a very visual format) to get to whatever data you need!

Boring income statement
Standard level financial dashboard.PNG

Web-based Power BI Financial Dashboards and Google Looker Studio Financial Dashboards

Web-based financial dashboards, such as Google looker studio or Microsoft Power BI, are excellent tools to use for your own business or for your clients' businesses.  They allow you to automate the data into the dashboard, have real-time updates, and package everything up in a nice KPI dashboard.

Not only will these save you time, they'll also clearly show your performance in a way that anyone can understand and make decisions off of!  You could be data-driven without ever seeing the data itself!

 Test out a web-based Financial Dashboard below! 

Financial Dashboards in Excel

Excel is the starting point for most financial analysis and financial dashboard creation.  Financial statements and data are incredibly customizable in Excel in addition to being easy to forecast in and create visuals in.

Financial Dashboards in Excel are a staple that every business should have access to.  They give you one place to handle your income statement (or any other statement), your future projections, and the summary of it all in a nice visual.

Creating a financial dashboard in Excel can be simpler than it seems.  We always recommend two main things: make sure the results are visual (benefits to visualizing data) and make sure it is an easy process to update!

Below is a video to get you started, but this is our specialty and our passion - if you have any questions or want some expertise, feel free to reach out and we'll be happy to help!

Financial Dashboard Examples in Excel, Google Looker Studio and Microsoft Power BI

Tracking your Revenue & Profit

This is the most common of the financial dashboards we build for clients.

Whether you want this for your own business or you want an easier way to view your clients' financials, Revenue and Profit are great places to start!  We prioritize calling out your main KPIs, with month over month or year over year performance indicators, along with trend graphs and further breakdowns of the main pieces of your income statement.

Premium level financial dashboard.PNG
Financial Tracking to Budget dashboard example.PNG

Financial Budget Dashboards

If you're paying attention to your finances, you probably have a budget that you're shooting for.  Tracking to that budget is incredibly important!  Our dashboards can tell you exactly where you start this week, this month, this year, etc.!  We also go a couple layers deeper to show where exactly you might be missing or where you are exceeding expectations!

Forecasting Dashboards

When you're building out your budget and forecasting your next year, it's helpful to see the summary of what you're projecting out!  Putting the results in a dashboard makes your or your clients' different scenarios pop out and show progress to each different scenario!  This helps make forecasting a much simpler process.

Financial Projection Summary Dashboard.PNG

Financial Dashboards: Why Work with Pineapple

Financial dashboards are our expertise, our experience, and most importantly our passion.

Pineapple was started as a company that could give small businesses access to their financials in an entirely new way - stepping away from just looking at the income statement.  We want to help your business grow and your clients' businesses grow.  The best way we know how is to make financials a whole lot easier to understand and a whole lot easier to make decisions off of!


Financial Dashboard Plans

Choose one of our financial dashboard plans and grow your business!

standard Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, custom data input set up, single dashboard view

Premium Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, automated data flow, multiple dashboard views

Analyst Support

 Ongoing analytical support, reporting on-demand

Financial dash options

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