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What are Financial Dashboards?

Financial Dashboards are visual representations of your financial performance.  They help you track your financial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and see trends of things like revenue, profit, etc.


Financial dashboards allow you to check the health of your business at a glance in a very visually appealing way.  They also allow you to go deeper into more analysis (still in a very visual format) to get however deep into the data you need!

Boring income statement
Tableau income statement

From just a simple dashboard in Excel to a fully customized and automated report online, we've got you covered!

 Test out a web-based Financial Dashboard below! 

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Why are Financial Dashboards beneficial?

Financial dashboards are beneficial because they display a custom view of your financial performance, along with all the benefits of visualizing data.


It's much better to look at your dashboard in your brand colors with your KPIs than whatever default summary view is in your accounting software.


Plus with quick (or automated) updating, you'll be saving time and be able to get right to the analysis instead of digging through P&L statements and other data.

Overall, the main benefits are 1) Better insights from your financials, 2) Time saving processes, 3) Making Accounting Statments easy to understand and act on

When you use your own custom dashboard, you can very easily use it to inform your strategy by seeing what's working well and what needs work.  No need to block off a whole afternoon to build out your strategy - just check your dashboard!


If you own multiple companies or have multiple LLCs under your business umbrella, it's difficult to combine all of that data in something like QuickBooks.  It's not difficult to do in your customized financial dashboard though!  You can view your companies together in one succinct view, or separate in the same format.

Get your Financial Dashboards set up now!

Standard level financial dashboard.PNG


  • Web-based financial dashboard

  • Connect to QuickBooks Online

  • Automated monthly updates

  • Secured & protected data storage

  • Team sharing capabilities

  • Standard amount of metrics

  • Basic financial KPIs

  • Preset colors

  • Watermarked


Premium level financial dashboard.PNG


  • Web-based financial dashboard

  • Connect to QuickBooks Online

  • Automated daily updates

  • Secured & protected data storage

  • Team sharing capabilities

  • Standard amount of metrics + additional metric analysis

  • Additional KPIs above Standard

  • Custom brand colors

  • Not watermarked


Custom dashboard example co.PNG


  • Built from scratch for your specific business

  • Web-based or Excel-based financial dashboard

  • Secured & protected data storage

  • Connect to QuickBooks Online or any other accounting software

  • Scheduled updates

  • Team sharing capabilities

  • Any metrics that your business needs (regardless of how many)

  • Custom brand colors

  • Not watermarked

Custom pricing

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