Pineapple Consulting Firm was created to 

help businesses make data-driven decisions through easy-to-use tools.



We want to help however we can, but we do have some specialties.  Check out a few of them below and see if we're the right fit for your business.

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Performance Dashboards

Visualize your data and see the difference.


See your data in charts, graphs, indicators, and other visuals so that your business performance is easy to see, in one place, and auto connects to your data.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Harness the power of data. 

Improve your team's data reporting, presentation, and analytics to gain significant competitive advantages, increase your efficiency, and improve your team's decision making capabilities with easy-to-use tools and dashboards.

Analyzing Graphs

Financial Analysis

Maximize the return on all of your projects.

Make sure your next project, product, or expansion makes the most financial sense and maximize your top and bottom lines in the process.

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Excel Expertise

Take your Excel capabilities to the next level.

Automate tedious tasks, create tools to replace repeatable  manual processes, and have impactful dashboards save you time so you can work on what you really want to be doing.  

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