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Solopreneur KPI Dashboard Software

Have One Location for All of Your Summarized Data and become Data-driven

Pineapple started as a solopreneur company.  We get it.  There is way too much going on.  Focusing on strategy takes away from client time, but client work has to get done on time… every minute counts.


Don’t waste those precious minutes by struggling to collect a bunch of different data to make decisions from.  Just look at a dashboard with everything already in it - your KPIs, your updated data, your brand colors… your time saved and better decisions made.


We are here to help and we love helping solopreneurs.

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Solopreneur Support

Successful solopreneurs track their KPIs and let their data help in the decision-making process.  Getting more time to collect the data, look into it, analyze it, and then finally be able to make decisions from it is another story.  One not often told by solopreneurs.


That’s where we aim to help.  Putting all of your relevant data into a dashboard so you can just go to one place, see your performance, check what’s been working best, and have some analysis delivered to you is something that we legitimately love to do.  Not only will it save you hours of frustration, but it’ll also help you be so much more informed about every piece of your business and allow you to make data-driven decisions.

Tracking to your goals?  Check out this simple Leads, Conversions, and Revenue Goal Tracker here for free!

Financial Dashboards for Solopreneurs

You or your bookkeeper probably keep your books in decent shape, but what about learning from your financials?  It’s easy to look at your bank account and see that you can pay your credit card bills, but what really worked best for you?  What should be completely overhauled?  Your financials can tell a very detailed story.


Having them collected in a financial dashboard allows you to actually read that story with visuals.  If you’re not able to quickly recall your revenue from the past two months and compare them, or if you’re not sure what percent of your revenue your expenses are, it’s time for a dashboard.  Those things are very important to know, but not always easy to quickly find.  Unless you have a dashboard.


If you’re in the camp that doesn’t even want to think about financials, not a problem at all!  We offer some light analysis that comes with the dashboard so you can see the results without doing any of the analysis yourself!

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Marketing Dashboards for Solopreneurs

Whether you’re just starting out as a solopreneur or you’ve been doing it for years, marketing is a constant battle.  When you try all sorts of different networking, different ads, SEO, and everything in between, it’s tough to keep track of what actually works for you.


We’ve got tools and marketing dashboards that can show your Marketing ROI for each of your different marketing activities and help you focus on the good.  We can also provide detailed reports and dashboards that trend your conversions over time to see how you’re doing and see where your biggest clients come from.


We also link up with your Google Analytics and show you the pieces of that monster that you actually care about!  Google Analytics is great, but it’s cumbersome and a bit annoying to get set up.  Seeing everything in a dashboard with the metrics and breakdowns of your choosing turns your website from something that exists in the background to a powerhouse of information for you.

SEO-Dashboard example.png

Operational Dashboards and Tools for Solopreneurs

If you are estimating a project for a new client, how long does that take?  If it takes some serious thought and more than 10 minutes, it is probably something that could use improvement.  We have tools for that.


Seeing where and how you spend your time can really be an eye opener.  From the different steps you take to complete a client project, to how much time you spend at that one networking group that you swear will eventually turn into business… seeing your time breakdown will not only help you estimate projects accurately but also help you plan how you want to spend your week.


Better yet, track your projects on a percent to budget basis!  That’s hard to mentally do, but with the right tools and dashboards in place, it becomes second nature and allows you to charge the rate you deserve to be charging.

Project tracker example dash.PNG

Solopreneur Dashboards & Analysis: Why Work With Us?

Solopreneur Solutions

Your business is unique.  We make custom tools and dashboards.


Whatever your business is, there are important KPIs to track and they should be tracked without adding any hassle to your already long days.  You don’t have to be a numbers person to be able to use the numbers in your business to your advantage.


Pineapple started as a solopreneur business and we want to give solutions that make a difference and allow you to be able to use your numbers and be data-driven.

Image by Aamir Suhail
Financial Report

Simple Summaries with All Data in One Place

Between all the different marketing activities you do, your financials, and your day to day tasks, there is an overwhelming amount of data in a shocking amount of different places.  It very quickly becomes too complicated to try to get into your numbers simply because you have to track them all down first!


Having one single place to go to get all of your data questions answered is a huge time saver and enabler.  Even if you run your business through your gut (nothing wrong with that!), putting everything together in one place will surely show you something about your business that you didn’t know.  And you’ll be better off for it.

Become a Data Expert with the Help of a Dashboard

We’re not saying you’ll start building data warehouses for corporations, but we are saying that you can know your numbers through and through by having them displayed in a dashboard - even if you’re not a numbers person!


Without having to do any of the behind the scenes work, the end result of your numbers in a dashboard actually isn’t that daunting.  It simply shows you exactly what you want to know, in a very digestible way (with visuals and indicators), without the headache of getting it all together.

Standard level financial dashboard.PNG

Solopreneur Dashboard Plans

Choose one of our Solopreneur dashboard plans and start your data-driven journey.

standard Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, custom data input set up, single dashboard view

Premium Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, automated data flow, multiple dashboard views

Analyst Support

Multiple custom dashboards, ongoing analytical support, reporting on-demand

Solo Dashboards
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