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Elevate your Coaching: All-in-one Financial KPI Dashboards for Business Coaches

Dashboard your Clients' Performance and Save Countless Hours of Time

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Customized KPI Dashboards for Every Client

With clients wanting to be data-driven, it's frustrating to not be able to give them an easy and simple solution!

You deserve to be able to show your clients an easily understandable dashboard to help them be data-driven and enhance your conversations to be more strategic.

  • You tell us what you want your clients to be tracking

  • We'll build a centralized dashboard for you and your clients

  • Have data-driven conversations the easiest way possible

Quickbooks Dashboard

About our Client-facing Business Coach KPI Dashboards

The real benefit of a dashboard for your business coaching practice or executive coaching practice is an enhanced conversation with your client.  There are plenty of benefits like saving you (or your client) time from manually collecting data, a clearer understanding of the numbers, etc. but all of that leads towards a stronger conversation which will keep your client more engaged and make them more successful because of it!


There are a few different scalable dashboard or coaching software options that we offer, along with some business coaching dashboard examples below, but if you have a specific example in mind or want to talk further, feel free to reach out!  We love talking shop!

“Pineapple Consulting Firm built a simple yet robust and intuitive tool that produced accurate reports. Not only did it satisfy existing customers, but it also increased the client's conversion rate by 20%.”

-Brian, Owner of Main & Johnson

Scalable Business Coaching Practice Tools and Software: The Dashboard

While there are many important business coaching tools out there, a dashboard can be a part of almost all of them.  The goal of the dashboard is to show client performance in a very digestible way so that the conversation can revolve around actions, not an explanation of the numbers, thus enabling an even better conversation!


On your side, as the business coach, gathering all of this data for each client can be a huge hassle.  Dashboards remove that annoying piece of the puzzle and allow you to have automated updates (or at least ones that take less than 5 minutes) that show up in somewhat of a standard view.  That way you have a common way to both update and view your client’s performance, in a dashboard that you can design.  Your own customizable standard dashboard (intentional oxymoron…).

Data-Driven Financial Dashboards for Business Coaching and Executive Coaching Management

One of the foundations of a conversation between a business coach and a client is the financial conversation.  Putting the client’s financial KPIs into a dashboard will help you focus on the results, the progress, and the strategy as opposed to the meaning of the numbers - everything will already be laid out for you in a client-friendly way.


I guarantee that clients will gravitate towards a dashboard instead of an income statement printout.  Check out the comparison below for reference!

More on our Financial Dashboard products.

Income Statement Transformation example.png

Data-Driven Marketing Dashboards for Business Coaches

How your clients bring in business is another staple piece of the coaching conversation.  Putting numbers to each marketing avenue is difficult enough, and changing the conversation from "feel" to data-supported results is another layer of challenge.  Unless you have a dashboard of course!  Being able to summarize all their marketing efforts in one place, with easily updatable data, and calculations of ROI make the marketing conversation one of the highlights instead of one of the headaches.

More on our Marketing Dashboard products.

Marketing Dashboard sbo example.PNG

Data-Driven Operational Dashboards for Business Coaches

How do your clients spend their time?  Can they prove it with data?  The operations are, of course, the lifeblood of the company, so being able to see time tracking, hourly rates, sales cycles, inventory levels, and anything else that fits into the day to day of your clients will provide you with the best intel on how to help them and build a strategy for them.  The only way to succinctly do that is with a dashboard that puts everything into a simple view.

Clockify Dashboard

Why Work With Us?
We Build Business Coaching Practice Dashboards That Save You Time

Standard and Efficient Ways to Track Performance KPIs

Unless you are working with one client, it’s probably very time-consuming to have to gather all the data you need to have a productive conversation.  Not with a business coaching dashboard it’s not! We make data-driven coaching easy with our client progress visualizations. 

Building simple processes on the backend allows you to eliminate manual data entry, and have everything updated in a client-friendly dashboard.  That dashboard can be unique to your practice, but each of your clients can have their own.  So you not only save time from data gathering, but you also can jump right into the most productive conversations by letting the dashboard explain the history for you.

Person Checking Data

Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition

Business Meeting

A lot of business coaches will focus on long term goals, mindset, and professional style assessments.  Those are all hugely impactful and can make a big difference in your client’s business!


The differentiation comes in when you start tying numbers to all those pieces, and the overall performance of the company.  Keep the goals conversation going with a dashboard that shows what has been working best (and what might need to be paused).  Bring the mindset and professional style along with some analysis of performance - since refocusing, how have sales conversations been?  It’d be best to show a quantifiable difference to prove that everything is working according to plan.


Having a dashboard and accompanying analysis will give you a significant advantage over the dozens of other coaches in your area that will result in more clients, higher retention, and higher fees!

Simple Summaries for your Clients with All Data in One Place

Regardless of what client industry you work in, there are likely several different programs / software that your client uses - each one having its own data.  Each one will also have a slightly frustrating presentation of the data that isn’t quite right or isn’t quite what you’re looking for.


A simple dashboard summary will not only give you the exact metrics you and your client want to look at, but it will also consolidate everything into one place for you.  Thus eliminating the frustrating default summaries, the need to hop from program to program, and all the confusion that comes with that!

Image by Adeolu Eletu
Standard level financial dashboard.PNG

Become a Financial Expert with the Help of a Dashboard

Finances may be a staple of the business coach / client conversation, but that doesn’t mean it’s your favorite subject to talk about.  Whether it was a minor part of your experience or all you ever focused on, a good financial dashboard can level the playing field.


Having a dashboard be the foundation of your financial conversation with clients will make the process and conversation easier.  Updating the data will be largely automated (if not entirely) so you won’t have to deal with that, and numbers will be clearly presented with indicators of performance against prior timeframes.  At a minimum, you could just read the dashboard in the meeting (therefore covering the financial piece to a large extent) and move onto the “why” and strategic discussions from there!

Business Coaching Dashboard Plans

Choose one of our Business Coaching dashboard plans and watch your clients grow.

standard Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, custom data input set up, single dashboard view

Premium Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, automated data flow, multiple dashboard views

Analyst Support

Multiple custom dashboards, ongoing analytical support, reporting on-demand

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