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How to Create a Dashboard for your Business; Online Course

Learn how to be data-driven with a beautiful data dashboard 

What Will You Learn in Our Online Dashboard Course? 

How To: Be Data-Driven in your Business

Data is among all of those buzzwords that you hear all the time, but it truly is one of the most important ones. Most people know they should be using it, but they get stuck on how to use it.

We aim to get you "unstuck" from there and go through some logical, tangible, and implementable steps to help you...

  • Understand how data is really used in the small business world

  • Pick an important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to guide your data-driven journey

  • Take your data from a blurry mess in the cloud to a clear, actionable, and visual representation of your business

Be data-driven... the easy way.

How To Create: Google Looker Studio Dashboards

We can't discuss building a dashboard without talking about Google Looker Studio (formerly called Google Data Studio), because let's be honest... it's awesome!


This program is web-based and also free! You just need to sign up with a Google email account.


Google Looker Studio Dashboards (or Microsoft Power BI) are essential for tracking things like your website data (Google Analytics), ad campaigns, YouTube, and other web-based services (including any databases held in SQL Server, BigQuery, Azure, AWS, etc.). 


Whether you are presenting your clients with their data or tracking your own, it's tough to beat the appearance and simplicity of these web-based dashboards.

Not only do we show you how to build your own dashboard in Google Looker Studio that will impress your team and clients but we also cover best practices for appearance, customization, and time-saving pointers! Check out just some of the beautiful visual possibilities in the screen shot below. 

ECommerce KPI Dashboard example.PNG

How To Create: Excel Dashboards

We know we're data nerds, but it truly is an (Excel)lent tool! That is why we not only cover how to make a dashboard in Excel but we also discuss tips and trips to make your everyday Excel life easier! A major bonus is that it's essentially free, and it's also easy to translate to Google Sheets!

We go over more details in our "How To Create a Dashboard" online course, but here's a quick summary of why we like it for data analysis and dashboards.

  • Incredibly user-friendly - you might even forget you're in Excel!

  • Semi or fully automate processes that were previously entirely manual

  • Clear summaries of the result you're looking for

  • Easy to "click and refresh"

Within Excel, you can create all sorts of financial dashboards, sales dashboards, operations dashboards, marketing dashboards, etc. Sign up and see how!


Small business financial dashboard Excel.png

Why take this course?

Make Your Small Business More Data-Driven

Build the tools, dashboards, and analysis skills you need as a business owner in order to make strategic decisions.

You will learn to make your data more usable, more automated and less daunting. 

Our goal is to empower you to grow and scale the business the way you want to with the help of your data-driven confidence!

Two middle age business workers smiling happy and confident_edited.jpg

Pay Once and Gain a New Skillset

This course is ideal for folks who really know the importance of their data. They want to invest the time to learn more about building dashboards and gathering data for their small business. It is also perfect for folks who may not have the need or funds to hire a full or part-time data analyst right now.


Once you complete this online course, you can make unlimited dashboards. As many as your heart (or business) desires! No additional program or software service purchases are required!

With the knowledge from our "How to Build a Dashboard" online course,  you could end up saving a whole bunch of headache and valuable time. By easily seeing your data and knowing all of your numbers with your dashboard, you can answer the exact questions you need answered and make data-driven, strategic decisions.

Bring Clarity to your Buisness and Team

Data and visuals are important. They help get everyone on same page and have clear communication from the start. They can show you and and your team what is and is not working well. 


Along side your gut instinct, they help influence informed decisions about growth, strategy, and more! 

Small business Dashboard example - data studio.PNG
Job Interview

Online Courses: Why  Choose Pineapple

This is our specialty!  Building custom dashboards that clearly and beautifully highlight the most important data is what we do!

We are masters of getting to the difficult data and making sense of it. We then transform it, match it up with other software data, and compile it all together to tell the story our clients are looking for!

After years in the corporate world, we realized that we weren't making enough impact on individual people and needed to change that.


Helping and working with people is what drives us. We'll help you make great, financially sound decisions, with your data insights but also show you data can be fun!

We are a small business and want nothing more than to see other small businesses like yourself continue to succeed!

In This Online Course You Will Learn



Data can come from a variety of different sources, including...

  • QuickBooks (or similar),

  • Google Analytics,

  • CRM systems, 

  • and dozens more

This online course teaches you how to take your raw data and put it into a usable format. We also cover some automation options! 



You will walk away from this course knowing how to create your very own custom dashboard in Excel and Google Looker Studio.

Seeing  your data helps you...


  • Understand it easier

  • Process it faster

  • Present it cleaner

  • Act on it better


You will learn the "next step" questions you should be asking and key takeaways from your data dashboard.

  • Was the data what you expected/wanted to see?

  • Can you explain your trends and are they intentional?

  • What other metrics could you benefit from tracking and why?


When you combine your gut instinct with the insightful data from your dashboard, you gain confidence in your decision making!



We aren't going to tell you how to run your company...

We just want to help you run it better.

Choose one of our dashboard plans and impress your clients!

Online course

Learn how to make your very own Web-based or Excel-based dashboards. Create and customize as much or as little as you need

standard Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, custom data input set up, single dashboard view

Premium Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, automated data flow, multiple dashboard views

Analyst Support

Ongoing analytical support, reporting on-demand

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