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Business Intelligence Consultant

Bring your data to life with business intelligence dashboards

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What is a Business Intelligence Consultant?

Business intelligence is the capability to use your company's data to make better, more informed decisions. This is typically done through data visualization (aka dashboards) where the data is presented in a visually appealing and understandable way.

Business intelligence consultants are able to come in to help your team build out these processes and dashboards so your team can use them to inform strategies, take action, and make data-driven decisions. These consultants are fractional (part-time, outsourced) and are experts in many different platforms.

Why are Business Intelligence Consultants beneficial?

Data is important, right? But data can also be annoying to deal with... unless you work with a Business Intelligence Consultant!

Being able to see your data allows you to actually use your data for what it's intended to be used for - decision-making! Performance tracking! Strategy changes!

Without expertise, it may take hours and hours to learn a software, get the data properly loaded, and create some visuals that you can use as a dashboard.

With expertise, that is just a regular project that is going to end up saving you a whole bunch of headache and time wasted, as well as produce the highest quality dashboard result that answers the exact questions you need answered!

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What Business Intelligence platforms do we use?

The bottom line is that can probably figure out any "new" platforms, but we are certainly experts in these ones!

Google Looker (Data) Studio

Power BI




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What data sources do we work with?

Anything that we can connect to or get a CSV file from (so basically anything in your business), but here are some staples.


Google Analytics







Google Sheets




Google Ads

...and many many more

Industries our business intelligence consultants serve!

Business coaches 
Support and custom dashboards for your clients!

Day-to-day analysis of your whole operation!

Marketing Agencies 
Website and leads analysis and dashboards!

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Inventory insights, sales trends, and ongoing performance analysis!

Be the expert in your field - we'll assist with our analyst expertise!

Many more! 
If you've got data, we've got the analysis and dashboards you need!

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Fractional CFOs 
You make the decisions, we'll provide the analysis you need!

Get your data-driven journey started on the right foot!

Small Businesses 
You've got a lot of data but no time to deal with it - we'll help!

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Business Intelligence Plans

Our plans are based on your scope of work and timelines. Choose one of our fractional analyst plans that fits your needs and watch your business grow!

Monthly Plan

Deliverables and meetings once a month

Twice Monthly Plan

Deliverables and meetings twice a month


Deliverables and meetings once a week

Want to talk to a Business Intelligence Consultant ?

Book an appointment with Jack or

reach out to us and we'll get back to you asap!

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