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What is a Fractional Analyst?

A Fractional Analyst, or Outsourced Analyst, is someone who is brought on to do the daily analysis that helps inform the business owner's decisions


A Fractional Analyst won't be as involved in strategic decisions as someone like a Fractional CFO, but, at a leader's direction, would provide a lot of the data and analysis to inform a leader's decision.

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Why are Fractional Analysts beneficial?

A Fractional Analyst will build the tools, dashboards, and analysis you need as a business owner in order to make strategic decisions.  A Fractional Analyst also handles the work of getting data, putting it into a useable format, and the analysis so the decision maker can stick to what they prefer to do, like building relationships and setting the strategic direction of the company.


The Fractional Analyst ideally becomes your go-to for all things data, analysis, etc. so you can grow and scale the business the way you want to while making data-driven decisions!


Common features of working with a Fractional Analyst

  • On-demand analysis

  • Custom tools and dashboards

  • All the benefits of having an in-house employee at a fraction of the cost

  • Ongoing support for new tasks/problem fixing/etc.

What areas can a Fractional Analyst help in?

Fractional Analysts can help in almost any area of your business!  The goal is always the same - get the data into a useable format that displays the results that the owner is looking for, and provide supporting analysis to help inform decisions.

  • Financials

    • Gather financials together into a dashboard and dive deep into the numbers to get that "deep in the weeds" view into your income statement, along with building projections based off of the findings.

  • Marketing

    • Similar to financials, gather all the marketing data, put it into a dashboard and deep dive into specific campaigns, see which avenues are performing the best, and look into how everything can be improved

  • Sales

    • Tracking sales numbers to budgets, analyzing performance by team member, region, and lead source.  Diving deep into ways that the sales process is working well, and discovering areas that can be improved upon.

  • Operational

    • Monitoring the day to day and increasing efficiency.  Whether that is building custom tools to speed up analysis and reporting, or looking into the hourly rates of each activity in the company and seeing where improvements can be made!


The bottom line… if an area of your business needs to be examined and you don't have the time to get deep into the weeds, a Fractional Analyst can help save time, get you highly important insights into your business, and help your company scale the way you want to!

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