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Project Management KPI Dashboard for Architects and Engineers

Keep Your Projects on Time and on Budget by Seeing All of Your KPIs in One Dashboard

What is a Project Performance Dashboard?

Our Project Performance Dashboards for architects and engineers are a visual representation of each project's progress. These dashboards help track individual projects and help view trends over time. They include multiple views and a customizable date selector, project type, status, etc.

When working on multiple projects at any given time with fluctuating hours worked, revenue generated, budgeted hours, margins, etc., a solid tracking system is essential. If you aren't tracking these ever-changing KPIs, you could easily find yourself over budget and accidentally leaving earned revenue on the table. 

Not only do these dashboards give peace of mind when managing multiple complex projects at once, they also improve client relationships by instilling confidence that each project will be completed on time and on budget!

Screenshot 2023-05-15 173114.png

Our Architect and Engineer plug-and-play KPI dashboard Templates allow you to check the status of your projects at a glance or dive into the breakdowns of the metrics in a very visually appealing way. Both give immediate insight into the status of your project. 

When your data is quick and easy to view and digest, you will find yourself checking it more often. This leads to increased confidence in your time and budget management as well as the ability to make more strategic and data-driven discussions (our favorite part!).


Wondering how it could get any better?.... Automated updates! Or at least updates you don't have to do yourself if you have specific time-tracking software.

Screenshot 2023-05-15 173321.png

Who is it for?

What are the key features?

This product is for anyone looking for a better way to track ever changing project KPIs. It is especially great for businesses that manage multiple complex projects at any given time!

Below are some "typical" client types:

  • Architects

  • Engineers

  • Small Business Owners

  • Anyone who uses QuickBooks Online and and project estimation software like QuickBooks Time!

The Project Performance Dashboard has amazing benefits for you and your team. See some of the advantages for yourself!


  • View metrics like revenue, gross margin, billable hours, hours worked vs hours budgeted, financial performance, effective hourly rates, and more all in one place

  • Mostly automated and works seamlessly with QuickBooks and most project estimation / time-tracking software

  • Decreased worry about going over budget and inadvertently leaving earned revenue on the table

  • Greater insight, transparency, and accuracy on project timelines and budget usage 

Screenshot 2023-04-19 140236.png

Check out our walk through of the Architects Project Management Dashboard below! 

Project Dashboard Options

Looking for a more customized option? Choose one of our project dashboard plans and grow your business!

Default dashboard

Automated connection to QuickBooks Online and your project estimating software with default KPIs and brand colors that we establish.


Automated connection to QuickBooks Online and your project estimating software with your custom KPIs and your brand colors!

Fully Custom 

We offer fully customizable dashboards (linking up with multiple data sources), with any KPIs, and offer ongoing support for analysis and more!

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