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The Finance and Accounting Show


When it comes to decision making in business; do you rely on your Intuition or your Data more?

As a business owner you can be completely right with your gut instinct but you can be completely profitable with your data.

Give your data a seat at the table!

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Small Business Show


Jack Tompkins has Data-Driven Decisions DIALED IN. As the managing partner and founder of Pineapple Consulting Firm, Jack talks about how visualizing
your company data can dramatically impact your success.

- 4:52 new T-shirt idea!
- 6:26 from the corporate world to the pineapple world
- 11:49 seeing is believing
- 17:40 managing employees, weirdly
- 25:06 making mistakes

- 38:19 forcing interaction


Grow My Accounting Practice


Pineapple Consulting Firm, helps analyze and visualize data for small business owners that don’t have the resources to easily dive into their numbers. Jack shares in this episode the pros and cons of visual dashboards.

- 5:50 Quickbooks already has a dashboard feature, is that enough?
- 10:22 Is a Financial Dashboard only an internal tool for my business?
- 18:40 Could I just create my own dashboard? Do I need Pineapple?
- 21:02 A Dashboard within a Dashboard, let's go deeper!

Profit is a Choice


Jack began his career in the insurance world where he focused on analytics, financials, and building relationships. Now, he works with business owners to turn their flat data into beautiful visual representations to make analyzing and understanding the data so much easier.

- 4:30 Importance of KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS!
- 16:37 Standard data isn’t always the best data
- 25:50 A goal without a strategy, is just a hope!
- 31:48 What can you do with a marketing dashboard?
- 40:45 What’s the process?

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Accelerate Your Business Growth


Understanding the data that impacts your business isn’t only for enterprise companies. Jack Tompkins shares how small businesses can use data to improve their results. Jack is the owner of Pineapple Consulting Firm based out of Charlotte, NC. He helps you analyze and visualize your financial and  marketing data in interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards so you don’t have  to deal with the annoying data gathering or manipulating of it!

- 7:13 When gut instinct and data agree, or don’t
- 13:47 What are KPI’s?
- 16:57 Data’s role in influencing strategy

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Labcoat Agents


During this episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, host Jeff Pfitzer speaks with Jack Tompkins, the owner of the Pineapple Consulting Firm, where he helps business leaders simplify their data to grow their companies! Jack Tompkins illustrates the importance of knowing your numbers in the framework of real estate.

- 3:10 Jacks background and current home base
- 6:20 Why is Pineapple Consulting a necessity for small business?
- 9:10 What data is important and what can you do with it?
- 30:20 How can Pineapple help a real estate agent “WOW” prospective clients?
- 36:18 So you're interested in consulting with Pineapple, what happens next?

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Nurture Small Business


Do you ever get a report with a bunch of numbers and wonder, now what? Jack Tompkins of Pineapple Consulting Firm is the go-to-guy for gaining clarity. If you’re trying to compile financial, marketing and operations data to get a big picture of your company, you’ll want to listen to this podcast now. 

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Crushing Chaos


As the owner of Pineapple Consulting Firm, Jack Tompkins helps leaders to analyze and visualize their financial and marketing data and interactive charts, graphs and dashboards. They don’t have to deal with the annoying data  gathering and manipulation of it all and can quickly see the full picture.

- 2:42 The true power of knowing your numbers
- 6:40 Where is your income really coming from?
- 15:50 How do you create an appropriate budget with a dashboard?

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Home Service Business Owner Podcast

Jack Tompkins is the owner of Pineapple Consulting Firm based out of Charlotte, NC. He helps you analyze and visualize your financial and marketing data in interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards so you don’t have to deal with the annoying data gathering or manipulating of it!

His goal is to help you grow profitably and efficiently by helping you not just know your numbers through and through, but also visualize them to quickly get the full picture.

A Geek Leader


Jack Tompkins is a partner and founder of Pineapple Consulting Firm, a company that turns data into visualizations, allowing their clients to make more informed strategic choices.

With a strong drive to work with people (not just numbers!), Jack aims to have some fun working with clients while analyzing and visualizing their data through Excel and Tableau dashboards so clients’ past performance can inform their future strategy.

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Welcome to Growth


Jack Tompkins from Pineapple Consulting joins the program to discuss how to wrangle all your business' data and turn it into something useful using tools you may already have, like Excel and Tableau.

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Top 3 with La Strada Law


DATA DATA DATA. It’s everywhere. This week Jack Tompkins of Pineapple Consulting Firm joins Attorney Jeneva Vazquez on Top Three with La Strada Law to discuss why data is not just for the big dogs.


Small businesses have access to TONS of data. Are you using the data to help grow your business and your bottom line?


Jack shares his Top 3 things small business owners (even solos or side-hustlers) should know about using data to grow your business.

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