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Custom QuickBooks KPI Dashboard for Financial Professionals

Show your Clients their Financial Performance in an Interactive Dashboard and Save Time!

What is a QuickBooks Online Performance Dashboard?

Our QuickBooks Online Performance Dashboards offer a clear visual insight into your clients' financial health. They track Profit and Loss-based KPIs, allowing you to monitor trends over time with an adaptable date selector. Dive deep into KPI breakdowns for an immediate grasp of a client's standing, fostering more strategic, data-driven dialogues.

These intuitive dashboards provide a quick snapshot of business health, updating automatically to save you the hassle of manual P&L extraction or CSV downloads. Instead of just discussing 'what' happened, shift the conversation to 'why' and strategize improvements.

 Test out a web-based QBO PerformanceDashboard below! 

Quickbooks Dashboard

Who is it for?

What are the key features?

This product is for anyone who uses QuickBooks Online but is especially great for consultant-type industries!


We partner with you, as the consultant or agency, create a dashboard with your brand colors, and you can use it for all of your clients!

  • Bookkeepers

  • CPAs

  • CFOs

  • Business Coaches

  • Accountants

  • Anyone who uses QuickBooks Online!

The Quickbooks Online Dashboard has amazing benefits for both the consultant and their clients. See some of the advantages for yourself!


  • Turns P&L statements into simple visuals

  • Fully automated and works seamlessly with QuickBooks

  • Helps clients understand their numbers and act on them quickly

  • Consultants have a standardized view of all client data

  • Client conversations become more clear, efficient, and productive instead of just talking about what the numbers were

Benefits of our Quickbooks Dashboard for Bookkeepers

What else does our Quickbooks Online Dashboard offer for CPAs, Bookkeepers, Business Coaches etc.?

Tailored Just for You

Every bookkeeper or consultant has unique needs. That's why our dashboard isn't a one-size-fits-all template. We offer customization, enabling you to focus on metrics that are important to you and your clients. Whether you're tracking cash flow, profit margins, or expense trends, you decide what you need to see.


Value-Add to Your Services

Our dashboard doesn’t just simplify data—it adds tangible value. This tool differentiates your services and can even become a compelling reason to adjust your rates. Once clients experience data visualization, their old traditional P&L statements are hard to go back to.


Enhanced Client Collaboration

Step up client collaboration with interactive reports that foster trust and lines of open communication. You are now able to offer them clear, concise visuals instead of crowded spreadsheets. This strengthens your professional relationship, which can help with client loyalty and potentially attracting new clients.


Informed Decision Making

While intuition plays a role in business, our QuickBooks Online Dashboard informs your decisions with solid data. From recommending financial strategies to pinpointing investment opportunities, you’re backed with trustworthy insights.


Always Improving

We believe in continuous improvement. Our dashboard evolves, incorporating regular updates, new features, and improvements. Step into efficiency, deep insights, and a collaborative realm with our QuickBooks Online Dashboard.


Ready for a Data-Driven Approach?

Let’s transform how you manage financial data. Reach out, and we'll get your journey started!

Team Up With Us!

We are looking for partners to help us get the word out!  If you're a consultant or in the financial industry, we'd love to talk! 


We want to work with the folks that handle the numbers (so there is good data) and help them enhance the strategic conversation with clients.  Our QuickBooks Online Performance Dashboard saves manual effort, automatically integrates with QuickBooks Online, and gives so much great visual information right from the P&L statement.


We are so excited to get this affordable product out there and help small businesses!

Financial Dashboards: Why Work with Pineapple

Financials are our home base! Financial dashboards are our expertise, our experience, and most importantly our passion.

Pineapple was started as a company that could give small businesses access to their financials in an entirely new way - visualizing things like the profit and loss report. It's amazing how much difference a visual can make. 


We want to help you and your clients grow your businesses.  The best way we know how is to make financials a whole lot easier to understand and a whole lot easier to make decisions off of!


QBO Dashboard Options

Looking for a more customized option? Choose one of our financial dashboard plans and grow your business! Starting at $1000 set up fee and $75/user/month. Enterprise pricing also available! 

Default qbo dashboard

Automated connection to QuickBooks Online with the default KPIs from the P&L statement and brand colors that we establish.

customized qbo dash

Automated connection to QuickBooks Online with your custom KPIs from the P&L statement and others and your brand colors!

Fully Custom 

We offer fully customizable dashboards (linking up with multiple data sources), with any KPIs, and offer ongoing support for analysis and more!

QBO Dashboard contact

Want to Learn More About Our Dashboards? Let's Talk!


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