Marketing KPI dashboards

What are Marketing Dashboards?

Marketing Dashboards are visual summaries of your marketing performance.  They help you measure your marketing effectiveness at a glance.


With a marketing dashboard, you can easily see how many leads and conversions you're generating, measure the ROI on your marketing efforts, and track what avenues are performing the best!

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Why are Marketing Dashboards beneficial?

Marketing dashboards are beneficial because they show your unique KPIs, given your unique strategy, along with all the benefits of visualizing data.


It's much better to look at your dashboard in your brand colors with your KPIs in one place rather than whatever default summary views are in the different marketing software platforms you use.


Plus with quick (or automated) updating, you'll be saving time and be able to get right to the analysis instead of digging through each of the different ad sources, CRM systems, and website traffic monitors that hold all of the info.

Overall, Marketing Dashboards are really beneficial for 1) Monitoring all your marketing activities, 2) Better insights into your marketing spend, 3) Saving time compiling all the data.

When you use your own custom dashboard, you can very easily use it to inform your strategy by seeing what's working well and what needs work.  Deciding between ads and SEO becomes a much easier, data-driven conversation, especially when your dashboard calculates ROI for you!


They also give you transparency into your efforts if you hire a marketing expert to do the work for you.  No more wondering if it was worth the investment or not!

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