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Marketing KPI Dashboards

Display all of your marketing data in a beautiful dashboard 

What is a Marketing Dashboard?

Marketing Dashboards are visual summaries of your marketing performance.  They help you measure your digital marketing effectiveness at a glance.


With a marketing KPI dashboard, you can easily see how many leads and conversions you're generating, measure the ROI on your marketing efforts, and track what avenues are performing the best!

Website analytics data studio example

Web-based Digital Marketing Dashboards

We-based marketing dashboards like Google (Data) Looker Studio or Microsoft Power BI are essential for tracking things like your website data (Google Analytics), ad campaigns, YouTube, and other web-based services.  Whether you are presenting your clients with their data or tracking your own, it's tough to beat the appearance and simplicity of a web-based Digital Marketing Dashboard.

We use Google (Data) Looker Studio for pretty much all of our Marketing Dashboards. Google made that specifically to link up with Google Analytics but it has expanded to so much more than that. Now most marketing tools can have an automated flow of data into Google (Data) Looker Studio in some fashion.

If you want the top of the line experience for your data, put everything into a Looker Studio dashboard and you'll impress your team and your clients!

Marketing KPI Dashboards in Excel

Using Excel as your dashboard tool is an excellent backup option, and in some cases, makes more sense as your first option too!

We all love automations and fancy looking web dashboards, but there are some CRMs, email campaign tools, etc. that don't integrate well with online options.  Something the data doesn't come through anywhere near what you want it to when you have to use the default API connections.

That's where Excel comes in - anything can be exported as a CSV for the most part, and dumped into Excel.  Also, if you are at a point where you have to manually track a few pieces, that's typically easier to do in Excel.  

Don't think that the slightly more manual approach in Excel leads to less informative or less visually appealing dashboards - they are still highly effective and "pretty" enough to show any client or any leader if done right!

Marketing Dashboard sbo example

Marketing Dashboard Examples

Website Analytics

Most people use Google Analytics to track their website performance.  Some folks go in depth into creating goals and events to track specific pieces on their website too, and get a really good gauge of their customer behavior.

If you use Google Analytics though, you'll quickly notice that there is a ton of info and it's somewhat difficult to get a good summary of the things you care about most.  That's where a Data Studio dashboard comes in!  Your data, your brand colors, in a simple view that you decide on.

SEO Performance Dashboard example.PNG
YouTube dashboard.PNG

Ads & YouTube Dashboards

Between Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads, there is a good chance you are investing a lot of money in ad campaigns.  Determining which is working best and why can be tough... unless you have a dashboard!  

Automate that data into a simple, informative, and data-driven dashboard that will compile everything you or your clients need to see!

Overall Marketing Performance

Knowing the specifics of each marketing avenue is important, but checking in on the overall picture is just as impactful!  We love creating the "Marketing Overview" type dashboard that then links to the individual efforts you have in a deeper dive.  

The Overview dashboard compiles everything in together, brings in things like revenue and time spent so you can measure your overall ROI and effectiveness of each effort!

Small business Dashboard example - data studio.PNG
Job Interview

Marketing Dashboards: Why Work with Pineapple

We're not marketing experts... but you are!

This is an ideal pairing of folks who really know the marketing side and know the importance of the data, but don't have time to invest in learning how to build the dashboards and gather all the data.

That's our speciality.  You tell us what is important to see, we'll gather the data and put it into your custom dashboard for you or your clients!

Marketing ROI

Want to check out a Marketing ROI Calculator?

Kind of like a sample of a Marketing Dashboard...

Check out how your different marketing activities stack up when comparing the total value and total expenses of each!

Schedule a quick demo call to get set up below!

Marketing ROI calculator.png

Marketing Dashboard Plans

Choose one of our marketing dashboard plans and impress your clients!

standard Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, custom data input set up, single dashboard view

Premium Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, automated data flow, multiple dashboard views

Analyst Support

Ongoing analytical support, reporting on-demand

Marktng dash options

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