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Get to know us

What's with all the pineapples? Here's more about us...


How We Help Your Business

Be data-driven the easy way.

We help you make data-driven decisions by providing custom-built dashboards and analysis. We use your performance data (financial, operations, marketing, etc.) to inform your strategy and build tools that handle the annoying part of data analysis for you, allowing you to easily see and understand your numbers.

Why We Do It

After years in the corporate world, we realized that we weren't making enough impact on individual people and needed to change that.


Helping and working with people is what drives us. ​We work with people first, then numbers. Building a relationship with you is step one; making sense of your Excel sheets and dashboards comes next.

We put our "big business" skills to use for small businesses - efficiently managing, visualizing, and analyzing your data to extract valuable insights and make financially sound decisions.


We want data analytics to be interesting, fun, and lighthearted — not stiff and boring, which is the reputation that ‘numbers people’ tend to have. When you work with us, you are working with a human who understands the power of data and the importance of strong client relationships. With so many AI tools taking off, our relationship-driven approach is your key advantage.

We aren't going to tell you how to run your business, we just want to help you run it better.

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Our Value Story

Imagine you're embarking on a fitness journey. You strap on a fitness band...not because it magically gifts you a six-pack, but because it offers visibility. This band doesn't just count steps; it gives clarity to your health pursuits. You know you need to sleep 8 hours, exercise, and eat well. But how well are you really doing? With a tracker, you set tangible goals and monitor your progress. When something is tracked, it's managed. As you inch closer to your fitness goals, you feel more motivated. Essentially, by continually measuring, you pave a roadmap to your desired outcome.

Now, pivot this mindset to business. If the aim is to add an extra $1M to your business, how do you chart the path? Just as you did with your health, you begin by measuring – this time, metrics like revenue, profit, and leads. You set monthly objectives, like gaining an additional client or boosting profit. By routinely checking on these metrics, you're crafting a business growth roadmap.

But, how do you keep this business progress at your fingertips? Enter: Dashboards.


Much like your fitness band, dashboards provide a visual reflection of your journey, highlighting successes and areas for improvement. They become your guidepost, enabling strategic decisions that fuel growth.

The truth? Be it health or business, what you invest in tracking, without a doubt expedites your journey to your ultimate goal, with better, faster decisions along the way. The right tools not only offer clarity but make the climb more strategic, efficient, and fun!  With the right visibility and tracking, the path becomes undeniably clear.

Be data-driven the easy way.

Why Are We "Pineapple" Consulting Firm?

Well, we don't consult pineapples... so this is a pretty fair question.


So "Why Pineapple?" Aside from the fact that "Pineapple Jack" (our founder) honestly just really loves pineapples and beaches, there is actually a correlation between us and the fruit!

We embrace a hospitality-centered approach. 

Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality. When you get a new neighbor, traditionally, you're supposed to give them a pineapple as a welcome to the neighborhood. 


Pineapples also represent vacation to us. Our goal is to help small business owners save enough time and/or money to actually be able to take a vacation. One where they can focus on the beach and what drink they're ordering next. 


Sipping a pina colada out of a pineapple on a beach... ahhh. 

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Check out some of our partnerships and how they help others too!

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Meet The Team

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Jack Tompkins
Owner & Founder

Favorite Pineapple Food: Pineapple Pizza

Favorite Pineapple Drink: Pina Colada 

When I started Pineapple Consulting Firm, the main thing I wanted to do was help and work with people, but I couldn't just offer a nice conversation as a service. 


So I put my two strengths together - analytics, so that I could provide a highly important service to businesses that don't have resources for it, and combined that with my relationship management skills that are really the backbone of the service.  Helping people with important work and even better service.


I've been a leader, an analyst, and managed relationships between Fortune 500 companies.  Being able to combine all of those roles together into one business that much more directly impacts people is a dream come true.  Pineapple Consulting Firm takes the best pieces of corporate America and puts that knowledge to work for business owners in our community.

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Brittany Newman
Operations Manager

Favorite Pineapple Food: Grilled Pineapple Shrimp

Favorite Pineapple Drink: Painkiller

Hi, I'm Brittany! I've lived all over the country (IN, VA, CA, and now NC); but nothing felt more like home than when I arrived in Charlotte and found Pineapple. I mean it when I say that every day is truly fun, different and most likely filled with a pineapple pun... or four. Just have a conversation with any of us here and you will see what I mean! As part of the team, my role is to ensure smooth operations and efficient processes across all departments to keep everything running seamlessly. I have had the privilege of gaining experience in this role from a full spectrum of industries, including government contracting and defense, healthcare, the outdoor industry, and more over the last 7 years and I absolutely love what I do! 

Just Fun Pineapple Facts

Pineapple Fact #3

Pineapples are a sign of hospitality

Multiple Sources

I bet you were wondering what a "fun facts" dashboard would look like...we got you!

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