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Dashboards for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Run Your Data-Driven Small Business from One Dashboard

Small businesses (Pineapple included!) use a bunch of different software to help us run more efficiently because we have to wear a bunch of different hats, stay on top of everything, and have no time to do any of it.


All of those different programs, and all the different strategies going on are awesome and kind of fun to run, but tracking progress, seeing what’s working best, and diving into results is crucial to make sure your precious time is being spent on the best possible pieces. That can be tough to do, but we're here to help with that!

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KPI Dashboards for Small Businesses

Business Overview Dashboards for Small Businesses

It’s widely known that tracking your data and making decisions off of it is one of the keys to success in the small business world.  That doesn’t mean it’s widely done though.  It’s tough to get an overview of everything, have it be specific to your business, and also be able to dive deep into some of the info!


That’s exactly what we do for you though!  Give us all the things you want to track and we’ll compile them with the views you need to make decisions off of, the analytics that does the thinking for you, and the flexibility to dive into whichever pieces you want!


We handle the frustrating data gathering and updating to save you countless hours, and use our specialized skills to create the views you want and the views we think will be most helpful.  If you tell us the goal, we’ll do the rest.

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Financial Dashboards for Small Businesses

At this point, you probably have a decent grasp over your income statement but there is so much more detail that you can dive into.  After all, the income statement is simply a result of your efforts and sales.


Your business coach might even talk about financials (even if just in passing), but there might not be a framework to talk about them in depth. A financial dashboard provides that framework and baseline to provide the overview and deeper dive (along with projections or budgets) so the financial conversation comes easier, and is much more beneficial.

Plus, having a unique analysis as a part of the dashboard gives you access to all levels of your income statement!

Excel financial dashboard.PNG

Marketing Dashboards for Small Businesses

Whether you do the marketing yourself as a one person team, or you've outsourced to an agency, a performance dashboard is crucial to know how all of your company's efforts are performing.


From Facebook Ads to networking events, every marketing effort should be tracked in some fashion. Tracking all that is followed by ROI which can heavily influence your marketing strategy.


If you do it yourself, a marketing dashboard can show you where you should focus your time. If you hire an agency, you can confirm that they are doing a good job, and also supply more information for them to do an even better job at marketing your company. Link it up with your financial performance and you can directly see the results of your efforts as well.


One dashboard to show all of your marketing efforts.

Marketing Dashboard sbo example.PNG

Operational Dashboards and Tools for Small Businesses

"Operational Dashboards" sounds fancy but think of it as how your business runs - it could be tracking your project progress to the budget you set out, measuring your hourly rate, inventory tracking, or anything in the "day to day" of your business.


You can also go one layer deeper into the project estimating - if a new project comes along, wouldn't it be nice to see (in one succinct, simple view) what similar projects in the last year took, in terms of time and revenue?  An operational dashboard can show you exactly that and take the stress away from creating an accurate estimate for your client.


Sales cycles are important for setting expectations for yourself, your team, and your financial budget.  Getting the data on that can be difficult but once you do, it unlocks a whole new layer of understanding your business.  It becomes easy to measure how many touches it normally takes for someone to become a client, how many weeks or months before someone converts, and how that all translates into financial forecasts.

Project tracker example dash.PNG

Small Business Dashboards & Analysis: Why Work With Us?

Custom Solutions

Your business is unique.  We make custom dashboards.


We have very few “out of the box” solutions, for good reason.  We really enjoy making custom dashboards and tools because it’s legitimately fun for us.  Each business has a new KPI, a new visual, a new goal, etc. and should get a solution that is completely tailored to their unique business!  We’ll have fun doing it too.

Image by Edge2Edge Media
CFO Forecast Dashboard example.PNG

Turn Into a Data Expert with the Help of a Dashboard

Or at least have the ability to be fully data-driven...  You still may not have a passion for data like we do,  but you’ll have access to the full power of the data in your business and that can make you feel like an expert, not just in data, but in business strategy and decision-making (the real benefit of using your data).


“Data” becomes one of your closest allies instead of a forgotten nuisance.  Flipping that switch can have some incredible benefits for you and your team.

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Don't Go It Alone!

In the small business world, we all have the tendency to do more than we should... "wearing all the hats" they say.

If you're wasting time trying to build reports for your team and it takes you too long, or your team doesn't understand it the same way you do, then think of us as your time-saving resource that gets everyone on the same page! One dashboard that everyone understands immediately and is updated automatically... we're here to help..

Small Business Dashboard Plans

Choose one of our Small Business dashboard plans and continue your data-driven journey.

standard Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, custom data input set up, single dashboard view

Premium Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, automated data flow, multiple dashboard views

Analyst Support

Multiple custom dashboards, ongoing analytical support, reporting on-demand

SBO Dashboards

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