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Data Processing

Data Analyst Company

Be able to actually use your data from any software

What is a Data Analyst?

As Data Analysts, we aim to help make sense out of your data, analyze it, and put it into visuals for you so you can make data-driven decisions!


The "Data" part of the Data Analyst means that we're able to get at data that might not be easy to get at without some expertise, and we can even transform it, match it up with other software data, and compile it all together to tell the story you're looking for!

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Why are Data Analysts beneficial?

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There's a reason why big corporations have dozens of data analysts and have formed data teams that support the rest of the organization. Data is everywhere! It is essential for informed business and strategy decisions, but being able to use it is hard... Unless you have a data analyst on your team!

In the small business world, access to analytics is fairly rare. We aim to change that.

A Data Analyst can be your resource that gets a hold of data that you know exists somewhere behind the scenes but can't quite access. Analysts can also link that "hidden" data up to another software with equally "hidden" (or at least annoying) data so all of that useful info goes from hidden and annoying to clear and usable!

What data sources do we work with?

Anything that we can connect to or get a CSV file from (so basically anything in your business), but here are some staples.


Google Analytics







Google Sheets


SQL Databases



Google Ads


...and many many more

What areas can a Data Analyst help in?

If you've got data (you do!) that you need to get value out of but don't have the capacity or knowledge base already on your team, we are the resource to help!  You show us the data, tell us the business goal, and we'll have fun building out exactly what you need!

ERP System Data

From accounting software to inventory processing, that central hub you use for a lot of your business holds the key to a lot of great info. Let us help you actually use that data and visualize it!

For some examples, check out our Sales Dashboards.

Financial Projection Summary Dashboard.PNG
Website Tracking data example.PNG

CRM Data

How is a software that is so common​ so difficult to use and get data out of?? We can't answer that, but we can help get your data out of your CRM so you can view it how you want and see the intertwined financial benefits that can't be shown in your CRM.

More examples on our Marketing Dashboards page.

Outsourced Analytics

Wherever your data lives internally, and whatever kind of data it is, we'll help you get the maximum possible value out of it! To us, data is data - if it exists, we can make it a KPI. That combined with your business knowledge leads to a very powerful team!

More options on our Fractional Analyst page.

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Industries we serve!

Business coaches 
Support and custom dashboards for your clients!

Day-to-day analysis of your whole operation!

Marketing Agencies 
Website and leads analysis and dashboards!

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Inventory insights, sales trends, and ongoing performance analysis!

Be the expert in your field - we'll assist with our analyst expertise!

Many more! 
If you've got data, we've got the analysis and dashboards you need!

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Fractional CFOs 
You make the decisions, we'll provide the analysis you need!

Get your data-driven journey started on the right foot!

Small Businesses 
You've got a lot of data but no time to deal with it - we'll help!

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Data Analyst Plans

Our plans are based on your scope of work and timelines. Choose one of our fractional analyst plans that fits your needs and watch your business grow!

Monthly Plan

Deliverables and meetings once a month

Twice Monthly Plan

Deliverables and meetings twice a month


Deliverables and meetings once a week

Want to talk to a Fractional Analyst about your business?

Book an appointment with Jack or

reach out to us and we'll get back to you asap!

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