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Just some of our top industries below.  If you know the value of your data, but don't have the resources to work with it - you jump to the top of our list.

Client Success Stories

Renovation Equipment

Seeing your numbers for the first time!

As a successful Maine-based architect with a few contractors that work with her regularly, she is a true business professional. In her own words though, she is "certainly not a financial or numbers person".


She charges an hourly rate for her work, but works on 20+ projects at any given time. They all have fluctuating hours worked, revenue generated, budgeted hours, margins, etc. Without a solid system of tracking these ever changing KPI's, she found herself over budget and inadvertently leaving earned revenue on the table. 

She had never seen the full picture of her operation (even while running close to a half million dollar business!)

After implementing Pineapple's Excel dashboard that put everything in one place for her (revenue, gross margin, billable hours, hours worked vs hours budgeted, financial performance, effective hourly rates, etc.) she was able to see everything she needed in a single view with pinpoint accuracy.


Going from just an overall sense of how business was doing to tracking her exact metrics at any given time was a game changerShe hasn't gone over budget since choosing to work with Pineapple!

Saving 8 hours a month!

Our first ever client is a family insurance agency business based in in Connecticut. The owner would spend a whole day manually typing info from one spreadsheet to another. He was trying to create a summary view of what his month looked like financially.


A full day!!!

Pineapple took the existing spreadsheet, revamped it, and built a dashboard based off of it.

Now the same process takes 10 minutes instead of 8 hours, and Mike has a fully functional, beautiful dashboard that allows him to actually see his numbers

Insurance Agent
Cardboard Box

Standing your ground!

A VA based transportation company and a long time fractional analyst client, runs a ~25 person company delivering packages for a large corporation as a contractor.


Every quarter, the corporation would come in and bully him and other contractors to fit their new rates or new thoughts on how small businesses should be run. Sometimes they were wrong about their ideas and even their own data!


For a while, it was just their data (sometimes flawed) vs his word.

That changed when he decided he wanted some dashboards and brought on Pineapple!

With an in depth financial dashboard and accompanying operations dashboard, he now knew every piece of data imaginable in his business. From then on, when he went to the negotiation table with the large corporation, he was able to fully back up his argument, prove their numbers wrong when he needed to, and show them exactly what's happening.


Who knew data could level the playing field between a family run shop vs an international behemoth!

Client Success Stories