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Marketing Agency Client Dashboard & Reporting Software

Save Time and Headache by Utilizing our Custom, Automated Client Dashboards

“I know half of my marketing budget is wasted… I just don’t know which half.” - John Wanamaker

A relatively well-known quote that demonstrates an issue that you, as marketing consultants and marketing agencies, try to help clients understand (along with reducing it from “half” of the budget).  The goal, of course, is to help your clients get more clients.


Being able to summarize all of your efforts into something client-friendly is difficult, but necessary.  You know you’re working hard and trying to do the best possible things, but sometimes things take time to take effect - clients don’t always share the same mentality.  Showing your data and progress will show clients the value of your services, make for easier strategic conversations, and more effective decisions.

Automated Marketing Agency Client Dashboards That Save You Time and Keep Your Customers Happy

Whether you specialize in SEO, Facebook Ads, etc., or consult for the entire marketing strategy of a company, showing the results (and therefore your value) to clients cannot be understated.  Showing them in a way that is easy to digest, gets the story across, and isn’t a hassle to update for you is where a dashboard comes in.

What is a Marketing Agency Client Dashboard?

A marketing dashboard is a visual representation of all the marketing data that is put into KPIs, graphs, and performance indicators.  The point of the dashboard is to turn behind-the-scenes data into something that can both give you a quick status report of your performance and also allow you to dive a bit deeper into numbers.


From your marketing dashboard, you can easily show performance to your clients, what’s working and not working, and provide a foundation for the strategic conversation that you’ll have with them.

More on our Marketing Dashboard products.

SEO Client Dashboard

SEO is one of the longer-tailed marketing efforts, but the payoff can be worth the wait and then some.  Seeing this trend over time is a really important visual for clients as they can start to see the makings of progress early on, and also see the huge impacts SEO has had on their business, compared to when they started.


SEO dashboards will typically also focus on KPIs (things like calls, website visits, etc.), their performance compared to a prior time period, and the sources that are working best.


It’s easy to say to your client that their website generated 200 more visits than last month, but when you bring those numbers to life (like in the dashboard below), the conversation itself takes on a new life and really shows the value of your services so they’ll want to keep you on forever.

SEO Performance Dashboard example.PNG

Website Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics is great and most companies have it set up to capture data.  Even without adding Tag Manager and things like Goals, Events, etc., there is still a lot of really good data housed in Analytics.  However, it isn’t the easiest site to navigate and doesn’t always show exactly what you’re looking for.


Having a custom dashboard display the metrics that are actually important to you and your client is very powerful.  It allows you to see every important metric in one view, avoid navigating through Analytics, and add in additional data that can’t be found in Analytics.  This data is also completely automated, so no more manual data entry involved!

Website Tracking data example.PNG

Overall Marketing Reports for Clients

Your clients probably have several marketing efforts going on at all times.  Even if you only work on one, a great additional service you could offer would be tracking the data for everything to see how all marketing efforts are doing.  You could then take on a bit of an advisory role with your client as well.  


Being able to summarize all of your clients’ marketing avenues in one place, with easily updatable data, and calculations of ROI can add tremendous value to your clients and give you the full picture to see how best to help them.

Marketing Dashboard sbo example.PNG

White Label Internet Marketing Reports: Why Work With Us?

We’re Not Marketing Experts… but You Are!

We’re happy to do white-label work for you and your clients because it’s a win win.  We’ll handle the data, the customized dashboards, and some analysis - you handle the marketing and the client conversations.  Your role really doesn’t change, but you get to deliver results in a way that looks incredibly professional, will impress your clients, and make your conversations easier while still getting all the credit!


Our goal at Pineapple is not to become marketing experts - we like our data & analytics niche and plan on staying there.  Our goal is to partner with folks like you so that data is more readily available for small businesses and you can help them make decisions from it!

Image by
 Young Woman Contemplating

Stick to High Value Work - Don’t Waste Time Collecting & Manually Entering Data

If your current reports take more than 5 minutes to update, there is an easier way to do it.  Often times, our marketing reports and dashboards can be fully automated so you’ll spend absolutely no time updating them - you can just look over the results instead.  If your data is scattered across different programs, we can put it all in one place!  Every minute you’re not updating data, you could be out getting your next client!


Manually updating reports is not only time consuming, but it’s also not high value work for you to do.  We can handle the data update, build the processes for the data, do some analysis, then hand it all to you to further help your client!

Know Your Clients Data Inside and Out the Easy Way

Performance metrics might be something that your clients are dying to see or something that is just out of reach.  Either way, your clients know there is tremendous value in seeing the numbers behind their efforts.  However, data and analysis might not be your expertise. 


A dashboard can easily be the base of your performance conversation with clients.  It’ll have all the relevant data in one place for you, and even if you’re not a numbers person, you can simply read the dashboard, see the performance indicators, and talk with your client about how great the strategies you put in place are working - with the numbers to prove it!  Data quickly becomes your friend and a huge reason for your clients to keep you on and give you more work.

Image by Campaign Creators

Differentiate Yourself from your Competitors with Custom Dashboards

Image by Stephen Phillips -

There are a lot of marketing agencies out there.  Each one may have some specialties, but most will not have a data analyst in their back pocket.


Your clients might even work with several different companies for their different marketing efforts, but if you’re the only one with a dashboard, results analysis, and the most productive conversation, your clients will want you to take over as much of the work as possible.  Anyone can manually track some numbers in Excel, but that is not going to excite a client anywhere near as much as a custom dashboard will.  


Creating a custom dashboard for your clients with their KPIs, their data, their brand colors, and whatever else they need will certainly vault you to the top of their list of marketing consultants.

Marketing Agency Dashboard Plans

Choose one of our Marketing Agency dashboard plans and add significant value to your clients.

standard Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, custom data input set up, single dashboard view

Premium Dashboard

Web-based or Excel-based dashboard, custom KPIs, custom visuals, automated data flow, multiple dashboard views

Analyst Support

Multiple custom dashboards, ongoing analytical support, reporting on-demand

Marketing Agency Dashboards

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