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Data Driven Decisions

We are Excel experts and Fractional Analysts that help analyze and visualize your data so your small business can become data-driven.

Not Your Typical Data Analytics Company

While we are Excel experts (among other expertise), we fully embrace our other specialty: working with people (not just numbers) and building legitimately strong relationships.  


Gather Data

We aren't going to tell you how to run your company...

We just want to help you run it better.


Gather Data

Data can come from a variety of different sources, including...

  • QuickBooks (or similar),

  • Google Analytics,

  • CRM systems, 

  • and dozens more

Wherever the data comes from, we'll move it along this process to enable you to visualize the best, data-driven result possible!



This crucial step is where we create a custom dashboard of your numbers for you.

SEEING your data helps you know, understand, and act on your numbers significantly quicker than looking at boring spreadsheets or accounting reports!


We run formulas, models, and anything else needed to help you get the best options available.


These are incorporated into the dashboard we make for you, but we won't bore you with the backend calculations unless you want to hear about them!




After we're able to see the data in the dashboards, and analyze it properly, we do some scenario testing and identify the best possible solution and recommend it for your business.





Or your Data Consulting Group, or your Dashboard Expert, or your Fractional Analyst, or Google Data Studio expert...

Visualize your data and SEE the difference

  • Interactive dashboards

  • Customized tools

  • Quick KPI analysis

  • No manual work

Tableau dashboard example
Boring, columns and rows data

Checking your performance shouldn't mean downloading data and manually filtering it for an hour.

It should be a stress-free, 5-minute process.

Then you get back to what you really want to be spending your time on.

Excel dashboard example
Google data studio website analytics dashboard example

We've got more videos too!  Check them out in our success stories or head straight to our YouTube channel.

FAQs About Hiring a Data Analytics Company


What is an Excel Consultant?

You know how all data and reports come into Excel but are really difficult to deal with and analyze?  An Excel consultant helps transform everything you do in Excel from annoying to analytical - putting data into dashboards, automating parts, and saving you hours and hours of time and frustration!

What industries can a Data Analytics Company Help?

We've worked in a lot of different industries... from e-commerce to business coaches and logistics to CFO companies.

To an extent, data is data.  Our clients are sharp business owners so if they've got a vision, we can make it happen with data.

What type of businesses does Pineapple help?

We love helping small businesses!  Even very small businesses from solopreneurs to 75 or so employees.

We have found good ways to help clients from a quick Excel tool for a solopreneur to ongoing analytics for $10M companies.

We work with business coaches, Transportation and Logistics companies, Marketing Agencies, Fractional CFOs, Solopreneurs, and other types of small businesses like yours! We also can create digital marketing agency client dashboards, dashboards for your business coaching clients, and dashboards for Fractional CFOs' clients.

Do you have examples you can share?

Of course!  There are screenshot examples throughout our site, a live Google Data Studio dashboard on the Financial Dashboard page, and plenty of video examples on our YouTube page.

What software does Pineapple use to create dashboards and reports?

We use Excel and Google Data Studio predominantly!  We've savvy in others, such as Tableau, and have partners that are experts in almost any data visualization software out there.

Why do I need a Dashboard consultant?

Dashboard consultants are becoming more and more vital in small business because they give access to a unique expertise, allow you to become more data-driven, and save you a whole lot of time! Data is everywhere which means dashboards need to be everywhere in order to understand the data. It's very difficult to become an expert dashboard analyst without a lot of experience, so a dashboard consultant is your easy, time-saving solution!

What is a Fractional Analyst?

If you ever worked in the corporate world, you probably had a team of analysts that dug into the data, made Excel or web-based tools and dashboards, did financial analysis, and handled all of the "annoying" work that helped the decision-makers get the info they needed.

This is the exact same situation, but for helping small businesses instead!

Why should I hire a Data Analytics Company?

To save you time and become more data-driven!  Making dashboards and doing the analysis for you is awesome, but it really comes down to saving business owners time (since they wouldn't have to deal with the data) and getting them better insights into all aspects of their business (helping them grow and be more profitable).

Can you work outside of Charlotte, NC?

Absolutely!  Charlotte is certainly home, but even with local companies, a lot of our work is done remotely and that model has always made sense for our clients (even before the pandemic). 

What client programs do you work with?

If it can be exported to a CSV, we can work with it!  That's pretty much everything from QuickBooks to your favorite CRM.  A lot of web-based programs have the ability to transfer data automatically to places where we can analyze it, too.

What is Dashboard Consulting?

Dashboard Consulting is just like any other consulting - an expertise in a specific field. Dashboard consulting happens to be in creating, implementing, and analyzing dashboards (visual representations of data) for your business performance, your team's performance, or any other data you have! We are experts in helping your business utilize all the benefits of a dashboard.



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