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Google Looker Studio Data Visualization Experts

Google Looker Studio Consulting Services: Elevate Your Data Insights

Clockify Dashboard

What are Looker Studio Dashboards?

Looker Studio is a phenomenal tool from Google that allows for a free entry into the world of data visualization.​

It's very user-friendly, developer-friendly, and on top of being free, you can get data from just as many sources as other business intelligence softwares (and we've tested a lot of them, but they are always adding more)!​


It can link up to 100+ data sources, automate the data flow, and create clean and digestible dashboards to help you and your team or clients be data-driven the easy way!

If you want high-quality dashboards from a platform that's free to use and easy to share, look no further than Looker Studio!

Expert Google Looker Studio Data Visualization Consulting for Data-Driven Decisions

We've been creating Looker Studio dashboards since it was called "Data Studio"!

From consolidating multiple different data sources to making very clean and digestible dashboards, we’re here to help you be data-driven the easy way in Looker Studio!

We're huge fans of Looker Studio, and our clients are too because of how easy it can be to use!

We've toyed with all the features of Looker Studio, we can show you our favorites, and can help our clients out regardless of their knowledge level. Of course, we're happy to build the dashboards for you too (most of our clients choose that option).

Some common dashboards for us are:

  • QuickBooks Online / Xero / Financial dashboards

  • Hubspot / CRM dashboards

  • Google Analytics dashboards

  • YouTube dashboards

  • SQL database dashboards

  • Anything custom!

  • … and many more!

Quickbooks Dashboard

From Raw Data to Actionable Insights: Looker Studio Reports

Looker Studio dashboards allows access to massive amounts of raw data that's "locked away" in software that you use every day or SQL databases.​

We take your raw data and turn it into beautiful, branded, and custom dashboards in Looker Studio. Our dashboards give you the answers you want to see in the exact way you want to see them for the exact metrics you want to see.

Multiple data sources? No problem!

We constantly work with multiple data sources to give you and your leadership team a comprehensive view of the business. Imagine finally having that single source of truth that everyone is looking for!

Whether you've got some simple Google Sheets files that collect data, or multiple complex databases, we have the expertise to create the data links, automation, and dashboards to show you what you need!

Service Options

Get the confidence you need in your data!

Dashboard Building

Training & Support

Dashboard Design

Ongoing Dashboard Support and Creation

Data Automation Assistance

...and More!

Why Choose Us for Google Looker Studio Consulting, Implementation, and Support

  1. We do completely custom work. Every software has a default dashboard that doesn't do what you want. That's where we come in - completely customized, branded, etc. dashboards with your metrics, the way you want them.

  2. We put relationships first. We “happen” to be really good at data and dashboard stuff, but relationships and working with other small business owners is what drives us most.

  3. We love working in Looker Studio! It's genuinely fun for us to build dashboards for our clients in Looker Studio and that will show in our work. Not only is it more fun to work with people that are having fun, but you can tell in the quality of work as well!

What areas can a Looker Studio expert help in?

Looker Studio dashboards can apply to almost any part of your business! Below are just a few common areas that we get requests in a lot, but these same tactics can apply to many other areas!


Financial Analysis

Your accounting software is great at accounting - not dashboards and tracking towards business goals. We help display your exact metrics the way you want them in Looker Studio so you can easily see your financial health in seconds.

Standard level financial dashboard.PNG
What is ROI Image.jpg

Marketing Analysis

We combine all of your marketing efforts into one spot in Looker Studio so you can see an all in view of your marketing efforts and establish a true ROI in a visual way.

Operations Analysis

Determining how efficiently you and your team is working can be a huge determinant in your profitability. Keep track of all the day-to-day metrics you need to track and maximize your efficiency and bottom line with the help of a Looker Studio dashboard.

Operations Dashboard - Data Studio.PNG

Some industries we serve with Looker Studio!

Business coaches 
Support and custom dashboards for your clients!

Day-to-day analysis of your whole operation!

Marketing Agencies 
Website and leads analysis and dashboards!

SEO Image for Blog.jpg

Inventory insights, sales trends, and ongoing performance analysis!

Be the expert in your field - we'll assist with our analyst expertise!

Many more! 
If you've got data, we've got the analysis and dashboards you need!

Project Management Blog Image.jpg

Fractional CFOs 
You make the decisions, we'll provide the analysis you need!

Get your data-driven journey started on the right foot!

Small Businesses 
You've got a lot of data but no time to deal with it - we'll help!

Critical Visuals thumbnail.jpg

Reach out for any questions / want to talk to a Looker Studio Expert about your business?

Book an appointment with Jack or

reach out to us and we'll get back to you asap!

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