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Financial forecasting expert


What is a Financial Forecasting & Valuation?

Financial Forecasting & Valuation is a service where customized business projection tools are made so the business owner(s) can project out their business performance to help determine a value for their business.

This is often used in exit planning as well as ongoing analysis to create goals required to grow the company to a certain value.


Why is Financial Forecasting & Valuation from Pineapple beneficial?

Any business broker will have some generic valuation tool, but "some generic valuation tool" isn't exactly what you need.

When forecasting for your business or valuing it for an exit, you want the tool to be specific to your business.  Your growth factors applied when you want them to apply, all external factors considered, etc.  All in a tool that is completely yours to play with, change estimates in, and work with different potential scenarios.

You also get the consulting through our partners on how to make the best scenario a reality.   Proven strategic consulting from folks who have been there and done that.

We put your ideas and goals into a custom tool, help create the strategy to maximize your value, and then summarize everything in your very own dashboard.

Want to talk about Forecasting & Valuation for your business?

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