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Enterprise Data Consultanting Services

Advanced Analytics Support for Businesses with Established Data Teams Seeking Specialized Expertise

What is an Enterprise Data Analyst Consultant?

A Fractional Analyst, or Part-Time Outsourced Analyst, is someone who handles the analytics, dashboard and tool building, data work, etc. for a company that doesn't need a full-time team of analysts.

They provide the analysis that helps inform the business owner's decisions

In essence, a Fractional Analyst is a dedicated expert hired to perform daily data analysis, which becomes the foundation for the business owner's decisions. While they don't always participate in the strategic decision-making process like a Fractional CFO might, they play an indispensable role in supplying vital data and insights.


They dissect complex data sets, identify trends, and bring forward actionable insights. Under a leader's guidance, they paint a clear picture of the company's performance, making decision-making more informed and impactful.

Why are Fractional or Part Time Analysts beneficial?

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A Fractional Analyst will build the tools, dashboards, and analysis you need as a business owner in order to make strategic decisions. 


They also handle the work of getting data, putting it into a usable format, and the analysis so the decision maker can stick to what they prefer to do, like building relationships and setting the strategic direction of the company.


The Fractional Analyst ideally becomes your go-to for all things data, analysis, etc., so you can grow and scale the business the way you want to while making data-driven decisions!


Common features of working with a Fractional Analyst

  • On-demand analysis

  • Custom tools and dashboards

  • All the benefits of having an in-house employee at a fraction of the cost

  • Ongoing support for new tasks/problem fixing/etc.

Looking for more information on what that all means? 

  1. Tool and Dashboard Creation: They don’t just analyze; they create. From dashboards that offer a snapshot of your company's health to specialized tools that dive deep into specific metrics, they ensure you have the right resources at your fingertips.

  2. Data Management: Raw data can be overwhelming. Fractional Analysts transform this data, putting it into a format that’s not only usable but also easy to understand.

  3. Cost Efficiency: Instead of hiring a full-time analyst, a Fractional Analyst provides expertise without the long-term commitment, saving on overhead costs.

  4. Consistent Support: They're not just available for one-off tasks. Whether it's troubleshooting a problem, updating a tool, or analyzing new data, they offer continuous support.

Fractional Analysts skills

Versatility in Data Handling

A defining trait of a good Fractional Analyst is adaptability. Our team works with a wide array of data sources. Whether it's financial tools like QuickBooks, marketing platforms such as Google Analytics and HubSpot, or even operations-centric platforms like Clockify and Fishbowl, our analysts are proficient. And the list doesn't stop there! They're equipped to handle everything from Google Sheets and Excel to sophisticated SQL Databases.

Wide Areas of Expertise

A Fractional Analyst isn't limited to a particular domain:

  • Financial Analysis: Dive deep into your company's financial health. By integrating with tools like QuickBooks, our analysts provide insights into performance, future forecasting, and more.

  • Marketing Analysis: In the digital age, marketing data is gold. Analyze website traffic, determine the efficiency of marketing spend, and identify areas of improvement to maximize ROI.

  • Operations Analysis: Operations generate a plethora of data. A Fractional Analyst sifts through this, providing insights that can revolutionize your operational efficiency.


Ability to Serve a Range of Industries

Whether you're a business coach needing customized dashboards for clients, an e-commerce platform seeking sales trends analysis, or a consultant aiming to fortify your expertise with data-driven insights, our Fractional Analysts cater to a multitude of industries.

In a world dominated by data, the role of a Fractional Analyst becomes pivotal. Offering insights, efficiency, and versatility, they're the allies businesses didn't know they needed. Explore further benefits and understand the depth of their role in our comprehensive insight article.

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What areas can a Fractional Analyst help in?

Fractional Analysts can help in almost any area of your business!  The goal is always the same - get the data into a usable format that displays the results the owner is looking for, and provide supporting analysis to help inform decisions.

Financial Analysis

We'll link up to QuickBooks (or other systems), build out a dashboard to better show your performance, and add in some forecasting and analysis on top of it!

For some specifics, check out our Financial Dashboards.

Standard level financial dashboard.PNG
What is ROI Image.jpg

Marketing Analysis

From linking up to your Google Analytics and building a website traffic dashboard, to analyzing the marketing spend to create a cost per acquisition and marketing ROI, we are here to help maximize your marketing spend!

More examples on our Marketing Dashboards page.

Operations Analysis

There's a LOT of data getting gathered by your day-to-day operations. Packages delivered, orders fulfilled, time spent on client work, etc. Seeing all of that in one place with some ongoing analysis and adjacent dashboards can give you incredible insight into your operations!

More details on our Operations Dashboards page.

Operations Dashboard - Data Studio.PNG

Fractional Analyst Industries we serve!

Business coaches 
Support and custom dashboards for your clients!

Day-to-day analysis of your whole operation!

Marketing Agencies 
Website and leads analysis and dashboards!

SEO Image for Blog.jpg

Inventory insights, sales trends, and ongoing performance analysis!

Be the expert in your field - we'll assist with our analyst expertise!

Many more! 
If you've got data, we've got the analysis and dashboards you need!

Project Management Blog Image.jpg

Fractional CFOs 
You make the decisions, we'll provide the analysis you need!

Get your data-driven journey started on the right foot!

Small Businesses 
You've got a lot of data but no time to deal with it - we'll help!

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Fractional Analyst Plans

Our plans are based on your scope of work and timelines. Choose one of our fractional analyst plans that fits your needs and watch your business grow!

Monthly Plan

Deliverables and meetings once a  month

Twice Monthly Plan

Deliverables and meetings twice a  month


Deliverables and meetings once a week

Want to talk to a Fractional Analyst about your business?

Book an appointment with Jack or

reach out to us and we'll get back to you asap!

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