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Dashboards for every stage of your business, we consult on it all!

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How Can We Help Startups With Investor Pitches?

Data visualization and dashboards are essential for any stage of business but they can be exceptionally helpful when pitching to someone who might invest in you! Some common first questions an investor might ask are,  "what have you done, where are you going, and quantify it".

Dashboards can help with every single one of these questions. Not only are you thoroughly and factually answering them but you are doing it in a visually appealing and easy to digest way! Investors can take in all of your important data without being overwhelmed by a crowded and distracting slide.


Let us help you determine your important metrics, visualize them, and help you feel more confident walking into your next pitch! 

Why Should a Dashboard Be an Essential Step of Your Exit Strategy?

Buying? Selling? Merging? Check the numbers!

On any side of an exit, due diligence and analysis is crucial to getting the deal done, of course. That's where we help out!


We can summarize and deep dive into the data to show exactly what's been going on in the business. We can also help create data-driven projections and scenario testing for the future!

From summary dashboards to in depth Excel modeling and analysis, we love to get into the weeds and present our findings in the most digestible ways possible!

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New to Using Data Visualization Tools Like Google Looker Studio, Tableau, etc.,?
Looking for One on One Help Getting Started?

Whether you are taking the first step towards becoming data-driven or have an employee stepping into the data role for the first time and not sure where to start, we are here for you!


This is our specialty. Let us help you learn the program basics and get your bearings on what is important to track and how! 


Or maybe you aren't that far yet and are just trying to decide what program is best for you specific data visualization needs. If you are choosing one for the first time or debating whether or not to switch to a new one, we can help there too!

If you still don't see what you need, reach out and ask! These are just some of the areas we can assist. 

What Business Intelligence platforms do we use?

The bottom line is that can probably figure out any "new" platforms, but we are certainly experts in these ones!

Google Looker (Data) Studio

Power BI




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Power BI logo.png
Excel logo.png
Tableau logo.PNG
Looker logo.png

What data sources do we work with?

Anything that we can connect to or get a CSV file from (so basically anything in your business), but here are some staples.


Google Analytics







Google Sheets




Google Ads

...and many many more

Industries We Serve!

Business coaches 
Support and custom dashboards for your clients!

Day-to-day analysis of your whole operation!

Marketing Agencies 
Website and leads analysis and dashboards!

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Inventory insights, sales trends, and ongoing performance analysis!

Be the expert in your field - we'll assist with our analyst expertise!

Many more! 
If you've got data, we've got the analysis and dashboards you need!

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Fractional CFOs 
You make the decisions, we'll provide the analysis you need!

Get your data-driven journey started on the right foot!

Small Businesses 
You've got a lot of data but no time to deal with it - we'll help!

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