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Success Stories
Microsoft Excel expertise is one of our biggest differentiators!  Below is just some of what we can do.


Made for Insurance Agents, but applicable to other industries

Summarizing financials into a dashboard, cost & benefit of hiring a new employee, and complex client tracking


Macro-driven data collection and presentation 

Insurance Agency 


The business was tired of taking hours and hours each quarter to manually input financial performance data, so they brought us on to build an Excel macro to automate the data collection, and then present the results in summary graphs and tables with performance metrics.


Work Highlights

  • Captured all historical data and centralized the data storage in one location, with the ability to easily add future data

  • Caught errors in the financial reports sent from a third party and corrected them

  • Created an easy to understand and manipulate performance summary to see growth by year and quarter

  • Developed monitoring routine to alleviate the business of all manual work


Custom data pulling and modeling tool 

Independent Client 


Looking to gather historical data in order to build projections for the football season, we developed a tool that pulled data from online, ran that data through formulas (with the help of macros) with changeable inputs, and created a model based on that data to build football projections, all contained in one Excel file.


Work Highlights

  • Built a tool for the user to select what data to pull from online

  • Ran the data through macros and formulas to make it ready for the model

  • Gave visibility into the model's individual pieces and outcomes in order to deep dive in any particular area

  • Developed a summary that contained all projections in order to compare team by team and compare against actuals


Macro-driven data merging and updating  

Insurance Agency 


Trying to track the conversion of customer policies, the agency had to figure out a way to maintain the notes on each policy, the price, and the status for every weekly update.  Instead of manually trying to match all the criteria week by week, we helped them by developing a tracking file that automatically pulled in new info, highlighting changes, and maintaining their tracking notes for each policy.


Work Highlights

  • Built a tracking tool that maintained important notes, brought in new information and new policies, and highlighted changes

  • Created a simple updating process that took under 5 minutes and required no Excel macro knowledge

  • Offered free support for any hiccups in the process or unique scenarios

Our Excel expertise can be seen throughout all of our services.  See more specific examples in each of the following:

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