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Success Stories


Impactful insights from visual analytics - giving your team better direction, faster.


Tableau Dashboard example

Visualizing new business flow data in an easy to use Tableau dashboard that shows both an overview and deep-dive.


Tableau Dashboard example

Quick and easy insight into how the company is performing on a financial and an operational level.


Sales Analytics and Projections Report 

Financial Services Company 


Always looking to improve, the company was seeking target areas to improve their biggest sales opportunities.  Analysis was done to identify the best candidates for improvement, how they could be improved, and the projected impact the changes would have on the business.


Work Highlights

  • Sales data by industry and class was compiled to examine trends and identify the best possible target areas

  • Teams received individual strategic plans

  • Changes in sales were projected based on existing and comparable data combined with business knowledge of upcoming operational changes

  • Impacts were quantified for the teams and all updates automatically flowed through to show how the projections would impact the full year financial results


Diversification and Projection Tool 

Insurance Company 


The company needed to monitor and project its revenue sources by industry and make sure it was diversified enough for the company's appetite.  An Excel-based tool was developed to track profitability, revenue mix, and projections at an individual source level that gave the sales team guidance, and gave leadership a constant view of progress.


Work Highlights

  • Individual team members could input their projections and have the total company projections (weighted by unique, complex source, and team member) displayed as a benchmark for the sales team and an overview for leadership

  • The tool incorporated multiple sources of data and was updated monthly

  • Created Excel macro-driven comparisons and summaries, as well as flexibility in inputs, chart creation outputs, and "deep diving" into the data

  • The tool resulted in keeping several different teams on the same page at all times and helped them get quick insights into potential problem areas


Key Performance Indicator Tracking 

Financial Services Company 


After rolling out a new, large investment initiative, the team wanted a way to track key performance indicators for the overall progress, specific segment performance, and the trends across various metrics.  This was all put together into a master scorecard that gave immediate results to all involved parties.


Work Highlights

  • Pulled together several data sources into one file and presented data in one view

  • Organized the data and file so that updates were seamless and consisted of only 5 minutes of work

  • Displayed year over year performance of recent and forward looking metrics that was based on a rolling time period

  • Showed trending supporting metrics over a different rolling time period to show the full business trend, making it easy to spot strengths and weaknesses

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