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[VIDEO]- Quickbooks Online Dashboard for Bookkeepers - Google Looker Studio

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[Video Transcript]

If you're a bookkeeper looking to work less and make more, we're here to help!

Hey y'all! Jack Tompkins with Pineapple Consulting Firm, always trying to help the small business World become more data-driven. We're doing exactly that today, especially for our bookkeeping friends. We need good data. We deal with financial data all the time in our business and if bookkeepers don't make the books correct, clean, and accurate, we don't have good data to work with. So on behalf of us, thank you to all bookkeepers for making sure that those books are clean and actually usable for being data-driven!

It has become a bit of a commoditized industry, bookkeeping. Good service is always a good differentiator but only goes so far for some people. Producing a monthly report is a good way to show a little bit more value and that's what we've discovered just from talking with folks. So the folks that we know that are doing that, it takes about half an hour to produce a monthly report per client per month. Not bad, it's pretty efficient but we're getting that down to a matter of seconds not a matter of minutes.

Like I said, thank you to all the bookkeepers out there. We're here to help, so we created an automated dashboard! Much easier, not 30 minutes per client, maybe 30 seconds per client per month. Okay, so I'm gonna pull that up on the screen and we'll walk through how it can be better for you. Everybody wins at the end of the day. Okay, here we go!

We want to help you win and this is how we're doing it. This is a completely customizable thing. We'll replace our logo with your logo and make it your brand colors if you want. You pick the specific metrics that you want up here and all these different breakdowns, P&L statements, cash flow, balance sheet, whatever you want, we can include it in here. We are here to help you win.

We're going to fully automate it. That is a big benefit number one. Again, a matter of seconds to update this as opposed to a matter of minutes and it requires no work from you! You may have to send the client the link (everybody goes to the same link). You can see all of your clients in here. We've got three sample clients in here. When they log in, of course, they can only see their information. So that could be the only work you have to do. Just shoot them an email and say hey "Here's the link again".

Number two, and a big benefit is that this is a huge "value add". This is a differentiator. Good service goes a long way and so does a visual representation of the monthly report that you're giving them. Not a lot of bookkeepers are out here doing this. I can promise because we don't have a lot of competition and we only have so many bookkeepers as clients. So get in while the getting's good! That's a huge value add and differentiates you from the market.

The next one, number three, it's a tangible reason to raise your rates. I am terrible at that. It is a very difficult conversation to have but you can easily point to this and say, "Here client, we are offering this new thing. It costs us money monthly so, therefore, we're going to pass it on to you." Obviously, you won't say it like that but it is a tangible reason to raise your rates and it is a value add that they're going to want to pay for.

The next one, number four, this is a visual representation which means less questions. I mean we're highlighting stuff, we're hovering over things, this is some really really good information and it's visual, which makes people understand it easier. They don't have to ask you "Hey my revenue is $84,000, what was that last month?" Looking at the dashboard, oh it's up 7.9 percent. Easy, no questions for you. So there is another time-saving component to this.

Next, continuing with the theme here, number five, add some stickiness to the relationship. Once they see numbers like this, in this format, in this visual way, they're not going to want to go back to a black-and-white P&L statement on a PDF. They're going to want to see it this way. And you are the one that provided it to them, so they're going to want to stick with you more because they're going to get hooked on the dashboard.

Last, we didn't really see this one coming, but getting new clients! This is again a differentiator, so it makes sense. One of our clients recently had a company they were working with that had to do a manual upload of data and manual entry of data. Our client presented this in front of them and said, "Hey this is all automated, you don't have to do any work" and the guy said sign me up! So our client got another thousand or fifteen hundred dollars or whatever it was per month because of this. So not only are you working less, your client is also working less and all of you are getting more time back, more value, and you're making more money. That's a big win! That's what we're here to do.

A lot of benefits right? That's what we're going for! You can also do it yourself. We linked some stuff above with a platform called Coupler. You can automate the data from QuickBooks into something like Google Sheets and then create the dashboard if you're savvy and if you want to do it on your own. It is totally doable. You may have to do it for all 20 clients but it is totally doable. However, we are of course the expert in doing that and we're here for you, so we can of course do it for you as well!

We are also offering a free trial! If you watch this before the end of 2023 and sign up on the site or reach out to us, we're doing free trials. We want your feedback. We want to hear what can be better.

Okay, so click the link below, subscribe, we put a lot of videos like this out so give us a shout and we're excited to work together. Thanks so much y'all!

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