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[VIDEO]- Logistics and Transportation Dashboard - Last Mile Delivery Operations with Real-Time Data

[Video Transcript]

What's up y'all! If you're in the Last Mile transportation business and you're not using a dashboard that looks like what we're about to show, you could be missing out on some serious margin.

I'm Jack Tompkins with Pineapple Consulting Firm, always trying to help the small business world become more data-driven and today we're going deep into the Last Mile transportation/logistics business. Whatever you want to call it, there's a whole lot of data involved and it can be overwhelming!

However, there are ways that you can make it so that it's understandable, easy to use, and easy to make decisions based off of. Making those data-driven decisions is going to be huge for your bottom line and investing a little bit in it can save you a whole lot of margin down the road. Let's show you an example of what your dashboard could look like.

Okay, so here is a Last Mile dashboard that sort of acts as your home base for decision-making. One of the big metrics that we've heard when working with clients is the stops per hour. You also want to see how many times you're dispatching, how many packages, all the good stuff. Of course, revenue is important as well.

So how does all this shake out and what does it look like over time? What are your most profitable routes and things like that you could see some daily trends? Here you could pick a specific route if you wanted to. In this drop-down, you can see all the routes down here, amount of time per dispatch stops, packages, stops per hour is obviously one of the big ones, and revenue per dispatch.

All this stuff is held in any TMS that you use, in some fashion. Or maybe you could combine two different sources if you have an accounting software that's more of a source of truth for the revenue. Wherever your data is being stored, it may not be easy to combine it into something that looks like this but it is absolutely worth doing. As long as you have a couple linking up points, maybe the route number and the date, that's kind of all that you need. With that, you can create this mapping between the two sources or within the one source that you use to create something that looks like this.

I guarantee you the more you use something that looks like this, some sort of dashboard, that literally tells you the answer of what's the most profitable route, the better your margins will be. That also means, the more efficient your business will be and the more profitable your business will be. I know that's a super quick overview and your data could look totally different but the point is, do yourself a favor get one of these dashboards. Get something that looks like this.

We're of course happy to help, but however you can get that data into one spot, one central spot, that's easy to use, easy to update, and easy to understand, your margins will thank you. Your business will thank you and your employees will thank you. It is a worthwhile investment! Always feel free to reach out. We are happy to have any conversations on the topic and make sure that you are being as data-driven as possible. Thanks y'all

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