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[VIDEO]- Xero Dashboard: Centralize Bookkeeping, Accounting, and CFO Insights for All of Your Clients!

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[Video Transcript]

What's going on everybody, I'm Jack Tompkins with Pineapple Consulting Firm, and we are always trying to help the small business world become more data-driven. If you've got a client base that's using Xero as their accounting software and you need everybody to be in one place with a consistent dashboard to view everything, we got you!

If you're a bookkeeper, an accountant, a fractional CFO, or anything in the space and you want that consistent way to view your client's data stay tuned. Better yet, if you want your clients to actually use their data instead of just getting sent a PDF of the P&L and you're already using Xero, you're in luck! Xero's got some great exporting and automation capabilities and we've got a custom dashboard that is pretty fun as a template but can be completely customizable depending on what you and your clients want to see. Let's jump in!

Here is our Xero template dashboard. If you only had three clients, let's say Tangerine, Kiwi, and Banana (as we are pineapple, we like to keep fruits close) and you want to see everybody in one consolidated view or you have a client that wants one consolidated view of all their different Xero instances, this is it. It's a great solution and it's a really great value ad for you to give to your clients. Not to mention, it could be worth charging a little bit more too.

As you can see, we've got some main anchor points of the P&L up here. We trend some things over time. We've got top customers, different revenue source shares, and things like that up here. By the way, when your clients log in, if Kiwi Consulting is the client logging in, they'll only be able to see their own information. Of course, you could still see everything that you want of any of your clients.

We also have a cash view on this next page here. From a cash perspective, we're still on Kiwi Consulting, and it looks like they're ending cash position was $73,000, great! And here's some more of their asset and liability balance sheet and cash flow breakdown.

We've got revenue on page one as the main focus. We've got cash on page two as the main focus. These are really big things that every business owner is going to want to know, focus on, and pay attention to. We promise this will spark some really good conversations and level you up into that advisory-type role.

So if you want that next-level service and a reason to raise prices or a reason to attract new customers or keep customers longer, give them a dashboard that they can actually use to be more data-driven!

Reach out! We're happy to get you started and we're obviously happy to do it for you as well. We love doing this stuff. We love helping bookkeepers, accountants, CFOs, and everybody in that space. We're a financially data-driven company and we want you to be the same. We want your clients to also be enabled and completely informed for making their own data-driven decisions as well. Reach out and talk soon y'all!

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