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[VIDEO]- Optimize Your Truckload Operations with Real-Time Data | Logistics & Transportation Dashboard

[Video Transcript]

What's up y'all! If you're in the full truckload Logistics and transportation business and you don't have a dashboard that's helping guide your decisions, you could be missing out on some really important stuff!

What's up y'all, I'm Jack Tompkins with Pineapple Consulting Firm, always trying to help the small business world be more data driven, and today we're diving a little bit into the full truckload transportation and Logistics business.

Any TMS will do this, it just may not be in the same spot across TMSs. First and foremost, you need to have your data in one consolidated place and one consolidated view so you can make those data driven decisions that your competitors are already doing. Let's dive into an example and give you, hopefully, some food for thought.

Here we are, the full truckload performance dashboard. As you can see, we know driver rate is one of the biggest things. We've got that as our main KPI, or one of our main KPIs over here. Also some pretty standard things like load amount, profit, on time percentage, etc. All stuff that you're used to seeing. All stuff that you should be making decisions based off of.

However, keeping it all in one place and as automated as possible on the back end is important. You want to make sure it is updatable so it is easy enough to use. You want to make sure that this is decision-driving. All of this is really important and your bottom line will thank you.

Just as a super quick example, we've got all of our drivers over here and we've got all of our customers down here. If we look real quick we've got Driver 9 with a rate of 37 cents and Driver 2 is at 53 cents. So what's going on? Why do we have those highs and lows there? Is there anything that we can do to change that to be where we want it to be? Driver 18's getting a whole lot of load. Do we know why? All this stuff should be very easy to digest, very easy to use, and very easy to update.

On the customer section, what's going on down here? Who's our most profitable customer? It looks like we've got this sorted and customer J is our most profitable customer. They bring in the most but they're bringing in the most dollars too. We also don't lose a lot. We're always on time and they're probably a great customer.

Taking it a step further, can we do a profit percentage? Can we get into some of those things and truly see our most profitable customers? These are the questions that are really easy to answer and really important to know. They are also easy to answer once you get a dashboard like this. So do yourself a favor and create something like this and your bottom line will thank you. I promise!

Feel free to reach out with any and all questions because this is stuff that we love to do. The more data the better, and transportation, specifically full truckload, as you know is chock full of data. I know that's a super quick overview but again please feel free to reach out.

We love doing this stuff and work with transportation companies all the time. Any sort of TMS system, we're happy to take a look for you. Give us a shout and again the more data-driven the better. We want to help you have all that stuff automated. and have it in one spot so you can easily evaluate the most important stuff that you need to know and that your margin needs to be aware of too. Thanks so much, everybody! Reach out if you have any questions.

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