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[VIDEO]- Marketing ROI Calculator Template

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[Video Transcript]

Hey there! What's up, y'all! Jack Tompkins here with Pineapple Consulting Firm, always on a mission to help small businesses become more data-driven. Today, we're diving into the realm of Marketing ROI. Now, if you've watched our other videos, you know we've been talking about HubSpot and we're always talking about financial impact. Let's merge the two together!

Introducing our Marketing ROI Calculator - a helpful tool to put things into perspective. While it might be a bit manual, we can always automate and get super fancy with it. But for now, we'll focus on this calculator. If you need something customized beyond this, we've got you covered! You can find it as a product on our website too.

Now, the big thing with Marketing ROI is understanding what's working best and what might need some improvement. It's all about seeing the relative impact of each marketing activity. For instance, we don't solely focus on the fact that the referral group has a 72% ROI and the email campaign has a 76% ROI. These numbers are essential, but they're not the be-all and end-all. Instead, we gauge which strategies are really working well (e.g., 226% ROI) and which might need some adjustments (e.g., 27% ROI).

Everything else falls somewhat in the middle, with maybe SEO getting a slight bump too.

The purpose of this calculator is to measure the results you're getting from your marketing efforts - both monetary gain (hello, revenue!) and brand value gain. You see, marketing isn't just about making money directly; it also builds brand value over time. Think about it - when you need insurance, you might think of Geico first because their ads and brand presence have left an impression. Similarly, even in the small business world, activities like networking and posting on LinkedIn contribute to brand value.

Of course, there are expenses involved in marketing too. It's not just about the monetary cost, but also the time invested. For example, attending a referral group meeting involves time and travel, and that needs to be accounted for. You input an hourly rate to calculate the total cost of your marketing activities, factoring in both money and time.

After considering all the positives and expenses, our Marketing ROI Calculator spits out an ROI percentage. This tool can be the starting point, or you can customize it further. Some clients have turned it into a comprehensive dashboard, spanning several pages, to track the impact of their marketing activities in depth.

If you're doing marketing (which you probably are!), tracking its impact is crucial, and that's where the Marketing ROI Calculator comes to the rescue. Let's help small businesses become more data-driven!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I've been Jack Tompkins with Pineapple Consulting Firm. We're here to assist you on your data-driven journey! Let's do this!

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