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[VIDEO]- QuickBooks KPI Dashboard for Financial Planning

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[Video Transcript]

What's up y'all! Jack Tomkins here with Pineapple Consulting Firm, always trying to help your small business become more data-driven. We're talking data obviously, and talking next year's planning and strategy. Whether you're closing out the year, planning for next year, or just need to be informed on the decisions that you're making day to day, you know you have got to be using data, of course. You know it, you're business coach knows it, and your team knows it, but how do you actually use the data?

The best way to be data-driven is to make sure that the data is understandable and usable. The best way to do that is with a dashboard. We're talking financials. We're talking next year planning, This is not just the P&L statement. This is cash flow and what's going on in the balance sheet. Let's dive into it!

I'm going to show you what we're talking about. This is something that we really like. It's made a big difference with a lot of our clients so far and it helps you be data-driven the easy way. Who wouldn't want that?

Welcome to your new P&L statement. So much easier to look at right? Like we said, we work with a lot of people and this is making a big difference in monthly reporting and next year planning and all of that good stuff. Bookkeepers, business coaches, CFOs, and anybody who's working with clients on a monthly basis who needs to drive the strategy or present the numbers in a digestible way, there's no better way to do it than this.

You can create this on your own. You can use coupler, we're a big fan. We have an internal development team that we use to create this and anything custom related to it but it is such a game changer! You know you should be using data, but using the actual data is the tough part. So how do you get it into a format like this? How do you actually allow yourself to be data-driven? You need a dashboard! It's as simple as that.

Like I said, we've been rolling this out and it's much bigger than just the profit and loss. As you know, any business owner knows, it is much more than just the P&L. It's the cash flow. It's the balance sheet as well. It's the big three statements and anything related to it as well. Things like, "what does that look like?", "where's our cash at?", "how's that trending?", those are the big questions. You know that net income is not always directly tied to what's in the bank account. Seeing this all-encompassing picture really helps you project next year. It helps you get a hold of your monthly goals and helps you track towards them.

If you're using QuickBooks you know that their reporting is not great. That's why we made this tool to link into QuickBooks automatically. All you have to do is send the info to your bookkeeper. They'll send you back this dashboard and you'll be in a really good spot. You'll know exactly what's going on in your business and know exactly where you can go next year.

Using your financials is not always easy, that's why we're trying to make it easy, easy and data-driven. What could be better than that!

Feel free to reach out. We love talking shop. We do demos of this. We even do some free trials every now and then. Give us a shout. We would love to talk and help you become more data-driven!

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