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[VIDEO]- Data Strategy Audit with Goal-Oriented Roadmaps

Our Data Strategy Audit service is a deep-dive into your company's data structure, processes, and dashboards that results in a clear, actionable roadmap. Our goal is to streamline all of your data processes and help you become truly data-driven, all while keeping it headache-free.

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[Video Transcript]

What's up y'all! If you're trying to get your company to be more data-driven and want a strategy around the data within your business, but there are too many moving parts so you're not sure even where to start? Do it the easy way. Just give us a shout! My name is Jack Tompkins and I run a company called Pineapple Consulting. We are always trying to help small businesses become more data-driven.

We do this thing called a data strategy audit. I know "audit" can be a pretty scary word, but I promise you we are the furthest thing from the IRS. In our audit, we're going to match up your business goals with the software, the data collection, and the dashboards that you're using, or the lack thereof in any of the three. Then we're going to make sure that all of the things that you have in your company are aligning with your business goals, helping your business goals, and supporting your business goals.

We'll come in as data experts. We'll give you our exact recommendation on what software, what data to match up, what dashboard to use, what dashboard to visualize, what KPIs Etc. We're going to help you be data-drive the easiest way possible and then going to give you the road map on how to do it. It's not just the recommendation it's also the "how-to".

I say this all the time in my videos but we want to help the small business world become more data-driven. I genuinely mean. This is one of my favorite offerings that we have out there because it is exactly that. It's here's what we would do and here's how to do it. Go ahead, you're off and running!

So don't spend another month in the dark. Know exactly what's going on in your business. Know that all components of your tech stack are working for you and not against you. Don't spend another month in the dark. Reach out, give us a shout. I didn't mean to rhyme but that's fun.

We're going to hook you up with the best kind of audit you've ever had. I promise! If it is not worth your time, I will personally send you a pineapple pizza as a thank you. Reach out through the contact link below. I've been Jack Tompkins with Pineapple consulting firm. Looking forward to talking!

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