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[VIDEO]- Fractional Business Intelligence Analyst - What the heck is that?

Make data-driven decisions with our Fractional Business Intelligence Analyst services!

Understand your data so that you can do more of the good and less of the bad. All at a fraction of the cost. If you need expertise for a few specific data projects and don't want to or can't afford to hire an in-house data team? Fractional Business Intelligence Analyst.

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[Video Transcript]

What's up y'all!

If you're potentially looking to hire a fractional business intelligence analyst, here's what you can expect.

I'm Jack Tomkins with Pineapple Consulting Firm and we are always trying to help the small business world become more data-driven. Business intelligence or BI, what does that look like? Let's start there. Business intelligence can be grouped into three main categories. One is business analytics, I know that's kind of using the word to define the word, but think, business performance. How did we do last month, what worked well, what didn't work well, let's do more of the good and less of the bad stuff. It is like a summary for a leadership level. That is the business analytics bucket.

Number two, data stuff. Things like data mining, database automation, all of that super fun stuff that only us weirdos like. That's the data work that a business intelligence analyst can do.

Third and probably most tangible is data visualization. Seeing your data in a dashboard. if you've heard of Tableau. Power BI, Google Looker Studio, or anything like that that represents your data in a visual format. That's data visualization and it's super impactful.

All three of those buckets and the whole role of the business intelligence analyst is to help the company make data-driven decisions. Obviously, with our mission statement, as a company, you can see why we fit nicely here and love this little niche.

Quick interruption, if you're a fan of this I'm sure you are a fan of dashboards, we have a new one for you, QuickBooks Online. Everybody uses it, but the reporting isn't great. It's no secret. So we made a product that automatically syncs up with it and looks a little bit like that. It is your metrics in your brand colors the way you want it and it is updated automatically. Mention the code YouTube 50 for 50% off your onboarding, now back to the video.

So what is the fractional part? Fractional just means part-time outsourced. That's it. So expertise at a fraction of the cost. It does not mean offshore, we do the work ourselves and are based out of Charlotte North Carolina. We get that question a lot but it just means part-time outsourced, that's it.

Use cases. If you have a bunch of different data in a bunch of different places and it's not talking to each other and you just want that one-stop shop, to see everything in your company, and be able to make decisions based on it - business intelligence analyst. Specifically, a fractional business intelligence analyst it's a great fit. If you need to create a dashboard, an automation or a projection tool, anything like that that you need expertise for a few specific projects - fractional business intelligence analyst.

Benefits, no W2s, we're not locked into anything long-term, and you're not locked into anything long-term. There are no benefits that you have to offer. There are no unnecessary meetings. There are no hiring and recruiting costs. There's none of that stuff. It is just, "Hey, we've got one or two or 10 dashboards that we need to make, come and help us out". That is the fractional beauty of it.

I've done a little research, so these numbers are not out of the blue; depending on which package you choose and depending on whatever fractional BI analyst company you choose, you could probably get about 80% of what you could possibly want, for roughly half the cost of a full-time person. Most small businesses don't need a full-time data team, not even a full-time data person or business intelligence person. So get exactly what you need get, the few dashboards you need, whatever, for a fraction of the cost. Easy.

We have a lot of fun doing data stuff and business intelligence stuff so please feel free to reach out and stay data-driven everybody!

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