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[VIDEO]- SaaS for Small & Medium Businesses: Affordable, Customizable Solutions

Customizable products where we do custom tooling to meet clients’ needs.

The middle ground between off-the-shelf dashboard software and top-to-bottom custom app development.

Check out our website for more information about what we do!

Or feel free to contact us directly with any questions!

[Video Transcript]

What's up y'all! If you're looking for that custom software that works for your clients because the default stuff isn't working but you don't want to build your own software, you're in the right spot! I'm Jack Tompkins with Pineapple Consulting firm and we are always trying to help small businesses become more data-driven.

We have filled that middle ground area. Every platform has this default dashboard that's okay, you know, but you can't really see consolidated views. You can't see all of your clients in one spot, all the time. It's not the metrics that you like, etc., etc. So your options are pretty much either, use what they give you, or, create some custom app or custom software (and that is wildly expensive). We are that middle ground. We create that custom feel at a very affordable price. We link up with QuickBooks all the time, HubSpot, Clockify, Xero, just about anything. They end up looking something like this.

It's a custom dashboard for you and your clients. it's custom in all the important ways. It's automated, it's affordable, it's unique to you, it's got your brand colors, stuff like that. It's a huge value add for your clients. They'll probably stay with you a little bit longer or you'll be able to attract some new clients as well. We've heard all of those stories so far.

At the end of the day, it does help everybody become a little bit more, or "a lot of a bit" more data-driven, and that's our goal. So please reach out and give us a shout.

We love exploring these options. We've done this quite a bit with several different partners in the bookkeeping and business coach world. We're open to any and all partnerships to help your clients be more data-driven. Feel free to enjoy the website. Our "Contact Us" link is below. Looking forward to talking and building the partnership with you!

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