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[VIDEO]- Google Analytics Dashboard in Data Studio

Google Data Studio provides a much better dashboard view of Google Analytics data if you can create it!

[Video Transcript]

What's going on data-driven marketers! Jack Tompkins with Pineapple Consoling Firm, and another dashboard example today. I wanted to talk about Google analytics and Google Data Studio and kind of the comparison between the two. So analytics is super useful. You use it, your clients probably use it, a whole lot of good info, easy to set up goals, events, all that stuff, really impactful. It's just not that easy to look at in Google analytics. There's pieces that you may want to see but you're going to have to flip to the behavior section or the goals section or whatever it is and it's still not probably exactly the way that you want to see it. That's where Data Studio comes in. It was originally created by Google for a better view of analytics and it has expanded much more past that. I want to go through an example of what a Data Studio dashboard with Google analytics data looks like. Let's dive in!

All right, so here it is. This is a Google Data Studio dashboard using some example Google analytics data. It is based on criteria from my site but not the actual site data itself. So I like to start off, and analytics doesn't really do this, but I like to see the overall KPIs. These are the ones that matter a lot to me: pageviews, sessions, users, probably pretty common for most people. These are not clearly laid out in a way that I can just kind of click and choose a different time frame in Google analytics but you can do that here, very easily. I like to trend the sessions too. This is the current 30-day period versus the prior 30-day period. This is top pages, where are people going once they're on my site (users and pageviews), where are people coming from throughout the country, and then how are they getting there. Obviously Google's probably going to be pretty high on most people's list. Youtube is another one, direct of course, kind of going directly to the site. Lastly, I like trending the sessions over time on a monthly basis. So if you invest in SEO or are doing campaigns to drive traffic, you want to see this trend over time. Using this example data, maybe if I started something in August, it looks like it started to pick up pretty nicely over time.

This is Data Studio. This is how your analytics data can look. It just makes it so much cleaner and makes it so much easier to use. This is everything that I need in one view. There's typically kind of another deep dive view but if I just want a quick check or something to show a client or anything like that, this does the job and it does its job really really well. So that's the Data Studio dashboard using analytics data, Google analytics data. Again, a whole lot more you can do with Google Data Studio but this is a really good use case that a lot of people use and can use with their analytics data. Feel free to reach out. I've got a whole page on this on my site as well but if you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out. Thanks so much!

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