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[VIDEO] - How to Create a Small Business Dashboard in Excel and Google Looker Studio [New Product]

New product release!

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[Video Transcript]

What's happening y'all! If you're looking for how to build a dashboard, you are in the right spot! I'm Jack Tompkins with pineapple consulting firm and we are all about helping small businesses be more data driven.

Our new offering is a course on how to build a dashboard, which is the most effective way to use your data. We're so excited to release it! Please give it a look. It's linked below of course. Let us know what you think!

The whole goal is to help folks be more data driven. That's our whole goal at pineapple and the goal of this course. We want to improve that data savvy culture in the small business world, but we want to do it affordably. This is a very affordable course. There are some dashboard courses out there that we've seen that are $1000, $2000 or even more.

In this course, we go into our actual secrets of how to build a dashboard in Excel and Google Looker Studio. Let's jump into some examples of stuff that we actually create in the dashboard course and that you can create on your own.

Here's a quick look at a dashboard, sort of a nuts and bolts kind of a dashboard that you can create and will create within the course itself. Again this is kind of just the nuts and bolts but anything that you learn here is super important. It's the foundation to creating things that look even more professional than this.

Something like this is created from just some boring back-end data that looks like this. Super boring but this is kind of the data that we deal with. We teach you how to build these formulas off to the right. How to intake this data and then of course present it visually in a dashboard that looks like this. Then once you get comfortable you can continue on and build something that looks more like this. We've got a lot more details and a lot more customization involved here.

This is actually also a dashboard product that we offer. It's our Advanced Financial dashboard product and this is just sort of an off-the-shelf thing. If you are looking to be more data driven but don't want to take the time to learn it and still want these visuals, we can of course help with that too!

So that's what we've got! Please feel free to check it out. Links to the course and the actual dashboard product that we briefly looked at are below. And of course as always reach out with any questions, comments, concerns. Thank you so much for being more data driven!

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Thank you so much for watching our video on our new online course - How to Create a Small Business Dashboard in Excel and Google Looker Studio. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Check out our other products and services to help you package your most important data into a user-friendly, easy to understand dashboard. If you need a custom solution or have questions, do not hesitate to send us a message! Thanks again for visiting Pineapple Consulting Firm.

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