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[VIDEO]- Operations KPI Dashboard - Google Data Studio

Walking through an Operations Dashboard example (specifically for professional service businesses) that provides an overview of day-to-day performance!

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[Video Transcript]

How's it going data-driven friends! Jack Tompkins with Pineapple Consulting walking through another Google Data Studio dashboard. This time we're talking operations; specifically for a professional service type business. All right, so let's dive in real quick!

All right so here it is, the operations dashboard for professional service type businesses. This is really about getting some efficiency in your day-to-day operations and tracking all the stuff that's kind of going on. The end result of the income statement is great to look at and is very important, however we know that the actual day-to-day work leads to that. So starting off with a couple KPIs here, we've broken them down into efficiency and then performance. Efficiency, again this is for a professional service. There's no real inventory here. Your inventory is your time, so hourly rate is a big one.

Next, what percent of your hours are actually billable and this for your whole team. There's a bunch of different projects going on here and this one month has over a hundred thousand in revenue so we’ve got a decent sized team. This is kind of the overview of how the team structure is performing. So for each of these different projects I think we've got 10 projects here. It's sorted on percent to complete but you can sort on whatever you want. This is kind of a quick check on where are we for all of these projects and then how much are we working on them. Then kind of continuing into the efficiency metrics over here; what percent of the hours that we're working are billable. Maybe the goal is 50 and 47 is billable, so not terrible. Hourly rate, again inventory is time, so this is a huge metric for professional service based businesses. What is the hourly rate based on each of these individual projects and then of course what's the revenue tied to it.

The other two kinds of performance KPIs could be, how many active projects do we have going on and what does that mean for the revenue. In this case, we're doing great, revenue is up almost 29 percent month over month and you kind of see them graphed down here over a 12-month period. So you've got the lines as your billable or sorry your hourly rates and this average line exists in each of these as well as your revenue, which is the green bars. These matchup kind of with the color theme up here.

So that’s it, it's everything kind of in one place. It's an overview, so it's not a very specific breakout on project B and who is doing what. That would kind of be the next layer down but obviously plenty of opportunity for that as well. So there you have it, an operations performance dashboard for professional services! Super helpful to keep you and your team up on your day-to-day operations and make sure that everything is kind of flowing in the right direction. There's a link to more about our operations dashboard offering in the description. Please reach out with any questions!

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