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[VIDEO]- Sales KPI Dashboard - Google Data Studio Example

Diving into a Sales KPI Dashboard that looks at the overall performance of a sales team and their main KPIs!

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[Video Transcript]

Hey data-driven sales folks. This is Jack Tompkins with Pineapple Consulting and another dashboard for you, web-based this time! It is in Google Data Studio and it's kind of a sales overview scorecard with some KPIs and stuff. So let's dive!

All right, so this is a sales overview/KPI scorecard/dashboard, kind of all of that, in one. So starting with the KPIs up top, it’s kind of broken down to two different categories. There's the people KPIs, so actually talking to the people that are leads, prospects, and then eventually conversions. Then there's the money KPIs, so how much potential revenue are we talking about here and how much have we actually converted in this particular month. Those KPIs kind of drive the rest of the dashboard.

So over here, just a mini little sales funnel/conversion funnel, whatever you want to call it, just leads to prospects to conversions. You can kind of see the visualization of these KPIs and then in this example we've got two different teams. There's the alpha team and the bravo team. Each has five employees and then each have their leads, their prospects, their conversions, all charted out. So very light blue, light blue, to dark blue and then on the revenue same kind of trend. The revenue potential that we're talking about with these leads or prospects is light green here and then once it's converted kind of dark green. So same layout for bravo team to kind of get the side by side picture of what the organization in total is doing. Then finally just a 12-month trend. There's conversions which is the blue line, there's the actual revenue converted which are the green bars down here along with the average line that shows up in each month. So this is kind of the overview.

There's no deep dive into a specific employee. There's a lot more that you could do with this such as last contact date, how did you contact them, a lot of that deals with linking up with some CRM data. In terms of just an overall sales scorecard performance type dashboard, this puts a lot of information in one place and helps you kind of drive the experience that these sales folks are having and see what the overall performance of that experience is for the company.

That's the sales dashboard. Overall talking just some big KPIs. Obviously there is a whole lot more that you could do, a whole lot more you could link up with too but this is just kind of dealing with some pieces of a CRM and some pieces of like an accounting software to get the revenue. There is a lot more potential there. We have a whole sales dashboard offering and I'll link that in the description but any questions at all, feel free to reach out. These are always a lot of fun to build. I look forward to talking shop!

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