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[VIDEO]- Goal Tracking for Solopreneurs

Start simple with your goal tracking!

Get your goals and your results onto an Excel sheet and you will be so much more likely to hit them, and start your dive into becoming data-driven!

[Video Transcript]

It's the end of January, are you tracking to your goals yet? It is super easy to do if you're not! Especially for solopreneurs, I know this is kind of like the first step on your data-driven journey. Seriously, just get started. Start with something easy and take it from there.

Even go with something like this. Nothing crazy here, it is just leads conversions and revenue but you get a lot of good info with your actual versus your goal. Some variants and some trending stuff are over here. You can actually download this exact thing off my website and I'll include the link.

Step one, put it on paper, visualize it, it makes things happen. Eventually you'll be addicted in a good way and want something that looks like this fun web-based thing. Something like this. It's got leads by source, conversion tracker, conversion trend, all the stuff, the revenue associated with it, and a whole bunch of fun stuff. So step one is just write it down in excel. Step two, maybe get something like this.

Please reach out if you have any questions. I absolutely love this stuff and would love to help out!

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